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14. Jun. 2008, 5:12


"Favorite tags" is my least favorite part of my profile, or Last.fm in general. It's never represented my actual most-used tags.

This isn't about that. As I haven't spent time tagging anything in a few months, I figure now's a good time to publicize some of the less useful taggery I've performed on various items. Indeed, looking at someone's tags seems to be a popular way for Last.fm users to scope each other out, kinda like how dogs reportedly sniff each others' butts. I wouldn't know, as my family has never owned a dog. Roaches yes, dogs no.

Let's start on page 8 of my tag history.

(my tag - item tagged)

- Planaria

Ah, what a great tag. It's true, you just cut one of these cute little guys' heads down the middle and he (or perhaps "they") takes care of the rest.

- Liv Kristine

This might be my favorite. "Your goddess" is mainly Tori Amos (see the tag, ).

I'm trying to enjoy myself by exercising a healthy amount of freedom, after years of being so self-repressed that I couldn't even admit that, y'know, women are beautiful.

- The Mark of the Bear

In The Hobbit, Beorn the mighty morphin' bear/man dude has a garden with GIANT BEES. I met giant bees in the garden of the Pennsylvania governor's mansion, and I will be TICKED if they don't make it into The Hobbit.

You know what I said I wanted to see from the book in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe? The dead bluebottle on the windowsill. And not only did it make it into the movie, but WE ACTUALLY SEE IT DIE. AND IT'S CGI. I hope I didn't use up all my good wishing fortune on that.

- Give Until There's Nothing Left

Hvh. I musta been smokin' Froot Loops that night.

- Chevaliers de Sangreal

Lol. Nice one. (It's from The Da Vinci Code soundtrack. I bought the track... from iTunes... before I even saw the movie. Movie drools, track rules.)

- To Aslan's Camp

Oookay. O_o I also seem to have "wraithcore" and "nazgulcore" tags. Moving on....

- Judges 20

That's pretty much accurate.

- Volare

I guess I have?

- Snail On The Plate

Yeah. I heard they were a Christian band, which excited me because they have an AMAZING name. In fact, the only other allegedly Christian artist I know with such an awesome name is Goat Explosion. I couldn't find SoaP's music to listen to anywhere, thus the Iraqi information minister quote.

- The Supine

It's the part of speech that's over - "taken," "eaten," "sung," etc.

Me: It's also an Andrew Bird song. Or track.
Executive council member, former class president, Latin classmate: It's true.
Professor: If you say so, Christopher....

The only other student here I've ever known to like Leaves' Eyes was also in that Latin class. I think she's lost interest in them, though.

- Arwen's Song

I'm pretty sure this was a response to the tag, "music to kill homeless people to."

- Molossus

Don't reckon I ever have. But whoever came up with this tag is a genius.

- Alexithymia


The song had just come out at the time. Now, of course, there's an Inevitable big fat "emo" tag on it.

- When I See Her Face

What the tag says. This track represents a boy's inability to talk to a girl with the braying of a donkey. HAAAAAWWWWW-HEEEEEEE-HAAAAWWWWW-HEEEEE-HAAAWWWWWW-HEEE-HAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!

- I Don't Think Now Is the Best Time

I stand by this conjecture... it seems plausible.

- My Humps

Hehe. I actually hate this song. It used to play while I swept and mopped the floor in the college cafeteria kitchen. This past semester, when I did a little mopping one night, I hijacked the CD player and put on The Poet and the Pendulum (Instrumental). Life IS better as an upperclassman!

The tag is a reference to the awesome, slightly blasphemous film "Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey," which I had not seen when I tagged the song.

- Nightwish's High Hopes

I actually first loved the original as a MIDI file. I was disappointed that Tarja didn't sing on this cover, but I got over it.

- Rival Factions

The blue album casing hides or decodes various things in the album art. One of the barely-visible businessmen on the cover is a shark. Or at least he secretly has the head of a shark. Kind of a stupid power to have.

- (Repeat/Return) Or When the Seventh Angel Sounded His Trumpet, and There Were Loud Voices in Heaven, Which Said: "The Kingdom of the World Has Become the Kingdom of Our Lord and of His Christ, and He Will Reign Foreverandever Etc..."

It's ten seconds long?

- Detroit, Lift Up Your Weary Head! (Rebuild! Restore! Reconsider!)


- These Are Not My Pants (The Rock Opera) (Meat Loaf)


- Waves Are Dancing

Because someone had tagged it as "pagan metal."

- I Do Believe In Fairies


We now come to the realm of tags I've used more than once! :-P

I've tagged two tracks as "the best song ever written."

I created the tag, and so far have been the only one to use it. Show some appreciation!

Here's a moderately popular tag I did not originate: great percussion in movie music.

I am responsible for six of the tracks tagged .

I think I started the tag. I'm certainly the top tagger. Like , this tag brings joy to the children of the world. (Apparently, you're all legally children until you turn 19.)


  • tryingtofly

    [i]more goddess than your goddess without actually being a goddess - Liv Kristine[/i] That made me smile....

    18. Jun. 2008, 21:15
  • nDroae

    Did it? Awesome. :D Be sure to read it with an English accent, it sounds best that way. ;)

    18. Jun. 2008, 22:43
  • nDroae

    I decided to delete the "non-non-non-non heinous" tag. It was doing more harm than good (although mainly, it wasn't doing anything). :-P It's still true though.

    27. Jun. 2008, 9:27
  • nDroae

    Ramin Djawadi - Gulmira tagged as

    4. Jul. 2008, 13:18
  • AnaAerophina

    Nazgulcore? Oh man, you might be my hero.

    14. Aug. 2008, 17:18
  • Artanna

    there were a few moments in this where i got weird looks from my brother because i was laughing at the computer... """biggest title-to-song length ratio ever""" <---that especially was hilarious

    6. Okt. 2009, 21:26
  • nDroae

    Aaaaawwesooooome :)

    6. Okt. 2009, 21:32
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