8. Okt. 2006, 0:50 tags can often be ambiguous and may only have meaning to the tagger. It is for this reason that I list all my tags here, explain them and detail the conditions for their use.

Tags Listed in alphabetical order:

- Any song tagged with this literally has 32 "heys" at 4:12 in the song.

- Members of the starting artists group were pm'd suggesting that they tag their own created songs with this tag, for the purposes of creating a radio station where these "starting artists" could be listened to easily without navigating many pages or having to download their songs.

- One of the few genre based tags I use to tag songs I categorise as "90's Dance".

- One of my favourite tags, ADHD standing for Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity. I tag songs as adhd music if they are fast, hyper, excitable, random, piercing, attention seeking etc. Short songs preferably as I do not have the patience to listen to long songs (especially if they are boring/mellow).

- Any song which preaches against slaving away at a "nine to five" job. This angle of being against a 9-5 has been used by many artists to establish themselves as "alternative". While portraying 9-5 work in a very negative light, using terms such as "slaving your life away" in most cases the artist does not offer any alternatives to working 9-5.

- A comical genre created by klaashermans to describe the style of music created by myself. As I try to make italo sounding music and come from Australia, he refers to it as australo disco. Australo replacing Italo (from Italy).

- I thought of this tag whilst at work. I was playing Rasputin and my boss (baby boomer) came past and his eyes light up. Ooooh Boney M, I didn't know you liked this music. I used to listen to Boney M. Then the owner of the place I work came past and his eyes lit up also. I will use this tag for songs which I think baby boomers will be suprised to hear me play and will be delighted to hear as it reminds them for a second of a time when life was simpler.

- Songs created before I was born, which I enjoy.

- A visual way of describing depressing songs. Songs I listen to when I'm pissed off, annoyed, depressed I tag as black clouds. Invoking the image of black clouds over my head.

- I may use this tag If I am checking out some hyped song and I find it utterly boring and it repulses me.

- Bring on Brain Mods I use on songs which to me create imagery of robots, future living. Songs which make me long to be in a time with more technlological advancements (brain mods) enhancements to ones brain.

- A straight forward tag for music that is catchy, poppy or singable. Often catchy falls under the pop genre however this is not a prerequisite.

- I tag songs as confident if the impression a song gives me is of confidence. A strong belief in one's self. The song may have confident lyrics, vocal style/flow (2Pac) or the music sounds "confident".

- Straight forward, if a song contains the word feel or feeling in the lyrics then I tag it as such.

- If a song is contrasted I use this tag. What I mean by contrasted is the music to a song may have a sad/melancholic sound, whilst the lyrics may be upbeat and positive. If the lyrics of a song contrast what lyrics of that genre ususally consist of then I use this tag also.

- I am a big fan of deep-voiced lyrics. The deep-voiced vocal style was popular in many 80's synth pop bands such as Phil Oakley of The Human League and David Gahan of Depeche Mode are artists which immediately come to mind.

- I tag music as "driven by drums" if the drums are what makes the song. Without the drums, these songs would not be half as good as they are. Many good hip hop songs, which are usually driven by strong rhythmic drumming I tag as this.

- Songs which feature high pitched noises, screaming or some sort of strong sound which if one would listen to the song with headphones on would feel as if their ear were being raped whilst listening to the song. I like ear rape.

- These songs literally give me an erection.

- I find out about lots of good music from sharevari. I created this tag after sharevari sent me 30 or so songs from "sweden" and so I would tag these tracks as from sharevari.

- I found these songs by listening to a station on radio.

- Much like the contrast tag but more specific. These songs have happy music/tune/melodies whilst the lyrics and vocals are sad and melancholic. I am intrigued and usually enjoy songs of this nature.

- I hate the band for whatever reason but I can't help but enjoy this song by them. I use this tag to make clear that I actually hate this band, it's just the song which I enjoy.

- I am a big fan of treble. I equate treble with happiness, directness, positivity. These songs use lots of treble.

- High-pitched music I really enjoy. These songs use high-pitched noise, intruments, bleeps etc. and for that I am thankful.

- Straightforward. I talk to the person whether in real life or online who created these songs.

- Any song which makes me involuntarily nod my head/move my body I tag as "involuntary head nodding". It is a natural reaction to these songs, head nodding.

- A shortened version of "italo disco" (see below)

- Italo disco in a word is amazing. It is poppy, features computer programmed drum beats, synths, cheesy vocals/lyrics. This genre of music originated from italy in the 80's when importing music from overseas was expensive so money was put into local dj's and producers instead which is where this italo disco was created.

- This song if not used in a movie, should be. It is visual and makes me picture/create scenes in my head.

- These songs are my favourite form the 1970's period, they may or may not still be relevant to today but either way they are good songs.

- Used for a few reasons. Reason 1: The girl who sings/appears in the video makes me dripping wet as in I have a strong sexual attraction to her. Reason 2: The song itself is amazing and makes me lose my head and I enter and experience this song in the NOW.

- Good music to make out to. This music may more often than not contain lyrics of love/lust and thus compliment the feeling when one is making out with someone they like.

- This was the very first tag I ever created back when tagging was done via the website. As opposed to the client app. I did not even know what tags were then and what purpose they served. This was a juvenile word (and offensive looking back on it) that I could use, the artists tagged in here in no way relate to the meaning of minda.

- If a song is overy repetitive I tag it as monotonous. I used to remember my dad always complaining of music I played (especially dance) of being so monotonous.

- Either the artist has a moustache or I tag music made in a time when moustaches were popular, say the 70's as moustache.

- I found out about this tag from the client. When listening to HORSE the band, they were tagged as which immediately intrigued me. is "hardcore" music which uses nintendo sounding noises in it.

- Similar to driven by drums, OMG snare - Oh My God... Snare! is what I tag music where the snare makes the song. The snare in these songs are amazing.

- Perfect basslines make for perfect songs. Perfect basslines are perfectly crafted basslines either in electronic or instrument form. These basslines make me lose my shit.

- Playing to see what the hype about is a pretty straightfoward tag I use when first listening to a band which I have heard a lot about. They may have been hyped by music blogs, NME music mag, friends or just by a general bombardment by the media/advertisements/radio. Either way, I like to stay on top of new music and are always interested in what they hyped bands/artists are all about.

- Songs which remind me of the time when i was going through puberty (first pubes, age 12 - 1994). It can also mean songs which have an awkward teenage vibe to them.

- These songs remind me of when I was littler. Often these songs tagged as this, I remember my older brothers playing when I was a kid. Some sort of childhood memory is conjured when I listen to these songs.

- These songs are remixes of the song. I don't usually like remixes.

- I thought I was being original when I created this tag. It seemed a logical way to tag music which I had seen played live. This is one of the most used tags as people LOVE to tell you who they have seen live.

OMG.. sexy...sweet... feminine vocals make me so hot. Sexy sweet feminine vocals make me melt and an instant attraction is created to these songs. Female artists who come to mind are that lady from The Cardigans, Annie, Rihanna and many more (check tag for more).

- Music which I think sounds similar to the Australian band, The Presets.

- One of my favourite tags. Songs that break my brain are songs which leave me speechless (in the head). They stop the flow of thoughts and create a wonderous feeling inside. I am in awe of these songs and "break my brain" seems like a good description for these songs. Definitely check out "songs which break my brain" tag radio station.

- This tag is similar to "bring on brain mods" in that these songs may sound robotic, analogue, synthetic, structured and they make me want to be a purely logic based machine.

- A lot of french electronic as of recent years seems to apply the formula of stoppy start. The start a beat, then stop it, then start it again. This music has the ability to sound fresh and cool but usually i see it as being too formulaic and not even that enjoyable. Artists which come to mind include Justice, Uffie, Feadz and a lot of artists on the Ed Banger label.

- Sweden produces many great bands and artists. I was noticing a trend where pretty much ever new band I found out about that I liked, came from Sweden. I wrote a [link=] journal entry[/link] on this. I use this to tag music from Sweden.

- I don't like genre based tags as I don't see what purpose they serve and usually selecting a genre to the untrained ear can have lots of different interpretations. This makes for much error in the use of genre based tags.

- When I am feeling tired I tend to gravitate and listen to specific music. I tag this music so that when I am tired I can see what I would enjoy listening to at the time.

- The song tagged as this will be incredibly dumb, in terms of lyrics or the music, however there is something about the song which i find irresistable and enjoyable. Songs which I can say, yeah i know "they" suck but I mean come on, that doesn't make u want to move?

- This tag is used for songs which create in my mind strong visual scenes/impressions/colours etc. I love visual music as It brings another element to listening to it.

- Songs tagged as vocoder, they use vocoders in the vocals.

- I want to see these artists BAD. If these artists ever come to my town/state in Australia I will see them.

- This is my longest tag and describes music which may have come to my attention by recommendation or a friend, in either case I have been informed that this music sounds like an artist I really enjoy but when I listen to this band I find that they suck.

- Songs which are really well produced I tag with this. Production includes, sample quality, levels, pans, overally use of treble vs. bass vs. midrange etc.

- This tag I use for songs where you may have to put up with 1 minute or more of absolute bore but if you do the songs gets VERY good at the end/the middle.

Far out, that took longer than I thought it would. I feel so exhausted now. Time for coffee/chocolate and sun. ahhhhhhh.
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  • sharevari

    Wow, what an epic! Looks interesting though, will read the whole thing when I get home...

    9. Okt. 2006, 9:35
  • n8kowald

    Yeah dude, you get even get a mention in it, see the tag. :)

    9. Okt. 2006, 9:42
  • klaashermans

    I have a mention as well. Whohoooo! The tag needs some more artist though.... =P

    9. Okt. 2006, 19:12
  • n8kowald

    yes yes, of course you have a mention :) definately does need more artists, if only more Australians knew about and were into italo disco and made this music then I'm sure we'd be able to use this tag more. When you come to Australia you must make music so we have another artist to add to this tag.

    9. Okt. 2006, 22:06
  • farangstar

    you are [i]so[/i] anal. :)

    24. Okt. 2006, 9:44
  • DeViMoRPh

    [quote]erection - These songs literally give me an erection.[/quote] xDDDD I love this tag! I'll use it!

    3. Dez. 2006, 19:37
  • emergingsynergy

    This is, to me, hysterical. I am also going to check a couple of these in tag radio. But what will my neighbors think!?

    27. Jan. 2007, 2:45
  • emergingsynergy

    : This station has been created by 4 people that have used this tag 8 times. (Last used 36 days ago.) makes me wet: This station has been created by 5 people that have used this tag 69 times. (Last used 21 hours ago.) Hmmm.... Now, were there 4 in common between the two groups? If so, was the fifth one responsible for the, um, 69 uses vs. the 8?? I suspect there is one prolific wet person! What song is that???

    27. Jan. 2007, 2:51
  • emergingsynergy

    better links to the data (but not enough data to make a station:( ): makes me wet erection

    27. Jan. 2007, 2:54
  • ViDLuv

    wow too much time on your hands lol

    27. Apr. 2007, 6:43
  • Shaddy

    [b]ur insane :)[/b]

    31. Jul. 2007, 2:36
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