My Top Ten Favorite Albums of All Time.


22. Feb. 2007, 5:22

Music lovers, please tell me what you think..

1. The Smiths
Wow. There's only one song I don't like on this album ("Hand in Glove") and it's now the most listened Album on my iPod. Morrissey is genius. Favorite song on it... "Still Ill". Yeah.

2. Dirty
My favorite Sonic Youth Album...yes, it just beats out Goo and Daydream Nation for me. 100%, thersea's sound world, Drunken Butterfly,Wish Fulfillment, Sugar Kane, Chapel Hill, Purr...just to name a few faves.

3. Loveless
Read my blog about "A Wall of Sound". The whole album does that for me.

4. Automatic for the People
There's something so sincere about Michael Stipe that just draws me to him. This albums is nearly perfection. I just wish it had "What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" on it..because then it really would be perfection.

5. Siamese Dream
Amazing. I think I explained this in my other blog. Billy Corgan...ahh

6. Louder Than Bombs
I really shouldn't have two albums by the same artist...but I really just couldn't decide. Actaully I probbaly should have just put The Best Of The Smiths on here...oh well. Actually, that release doesn't have "Asleep" on it. So I take that back.

7. Live Through This/My Body, the Hand Grenade
I couldn't decide. Besides, most of the songs are overlaps, rare recordings, good ripoffs of Nirvana, etc. Courtney Love's vulnerability attracts me, but in the same sense she's a very strong woman. I like her.

8. OK Computer
I want to make a movie and this album will be the whole soundtrack. It would be the book to movie version of Chuck Palahniuk's survivor.

9. Picaresque
It's so quirky and abstract. It makes me happy.

10. In Utero/Incesticide
I couldn't decide once again. But these albums should be staples in everyones collection.

The End.


  • sim_maiden

    Siamese Dream, OK Computer and Picaresque = (Y)

    22. Feb. 2007, 5:43
  • jxxx

    i used to listen to a lot of these records, not so much any more apart from MBV. have you heard the live album Rank. its got a brilliant version ofStill Ill

    27. Feb. 2007, 9:31
  • methjameskeenan

    Nice list

    28. Dez. 2007, 20:37
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