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Über mich

I'm shy, and you can always find me few steps behind a group of friends. But after I get to know em better I start getting more social. I'm a geeky type of a guy. I like to read talk to friends. Be advised, I am no fun. I could even say I'm boring. I don't like night clubs, drugs and Crazy Frog (damn amphibian) :D

For people who don't know me to well, I use "hate" instead of "love" :P But hey, no one said I'm normal :P


All I ever wanted, all I ever needed is here, in my arms ;*

UPDATE Jan 2010:

Not any more. Pff.


Gżypek zgomptszauy

The Ministry of Silly Walks RLZ

THE 17 000th track: Gary Jules - Mad world
The 18 700th Track: Mike Oldfield - Secrets
the 19 000th Track: Sigur Rós - Haysatan

GAH, I'd be more than willing to post my 20 000th track but I slept over it. Sweet Monkey Jesus.