18. Sep. 2008, 23:04


  • mxcl

    Our Journal CSS leaves a lot to be desired.

    19. Sep. 2008, 10:41
  • FlowMyTears

    epically bad sound for pelican.

    19. Sep. 2008, 11:12
  • s8nlives

    Truely Amazing, Didn't hear any bad sound? All good sounds from start to finish. A deeply moving and motivational show.

    20. Sep. 2008, 9:24
  • FlowMyTears

    the volume was way too low for half of pelican's set, the gutiars were barely audible and the drums just drowned them out. it wouldn't have been hard to hold a conversation with someone, whereas torche was deafeningly loud. everyone kept yelling out "turn it up!!" between songs. the sound guy did turn them up about 3 or 4 songs in but i still had difficulty hearing one of the guitars and they couldve been a bit louder. they were still amazing though but wouldve loved more volume

    20. Sep. 2008, 14:39
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