(145) The Who - Tommy


5. Jul. 2009, 16:41

Tommy is a ver influential, very overrated, and very long album. The sons themselves aren't too bad, but the concept is kind of weak and silly. This album is about a blind, dumb, and deaf boy who becomes a champion at pinball and then becomes a messianic leader or something.

The best part of the album is the intrumentation, which is beautiful as some points and wasted on songs with terrible lyrics at other points. "Do You Think It's Alright" is an example of a song that had a great arrangement and would've worked as a full-length three minute song, but instead was wasted on a thirty second song whose sole purpose was to move the plo along.

But, I'm just being pick. It'sstill a pretyty good album. While i agree, that fifteen minutes could have been shaved off it for simplicity's sake, It's still a wonderful album.

Listen To: Pinball Wizard, I'm Free, Christmas, The Acid Queen


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