essential/timeless hip hop albums


2. Mär. 2011, 16:18

it's been a while - but i been listening to alot of golden era albums these past few weeks..

nas - illmatic **
a tribe called quest - the low end theory
a tribe called quest - midnight marauders
mobb deep - the infamous
notoriouis big - ready to die *
the pharcyde - bizzare ride 2 the pharcyde
wu tang clan - enter the 36 chambers
jay z - reasonable doubt
gza - liquid swords
jeru the damaja - the sun rises in the east (personal addition, but god knows he deserves the spot)
public enemy - it takes a nation of millions to hold us back
common - ressurection
black sheep - wolf in sheeps cothing
outkast - southernplayalisticcaddilacmuzik
big l - lifestylez of da poor and dangerous
gang starr - daily operation **
eric b and rakim - follow the leader
raekwon - only built 4 cuban lynx
pete rock and cl smooth - mecca and the soul brother
souls of mischief - 93' till infinity
ice cube - amerikkkas most wanted

those are all pretty essential ..there is obviously much more which i will add later as i can remember them ...please note that although it's a "favorite" list that these are pretty cut and dry staple standards in the hip hop community ..these should point anyone new to the genre in the right direction.


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