I saw Kill Hannah in concert!


24. Okt. 2009, 22:46

I also got to meet Kill Hannah before the show. There were only three of us there from Kill Hannah Kollective, but the guys just seemed thrilled that there was anyone at all, rather than disappointed that there were only three fans. Not that we were the only fans there to see them specifically, because there were certainly some little chickies in the audience screaming for them! But the guys were great and seemed genuinely interested in meeting us, which was really cool.

They played the Garrick Centre here in Winnipeg on October 18th, along with Jet. I'd never been to this place as a music venue. It used to be a multi-plex movie theatre many years ago, thus the ‘70’s retro décor. They pulled out all the seats on the "floor" area, though left the sloping floor intact. The "balcony" area still has the seats. The projection room appeared to be the guys' dressing room, as I saw them going back there during the opening band and that's where they came from just before they went on stage.

Anyway, they ROCKED! They sounded miles better than the opening band. They started with Kennedy and then played a few from the new album. I honestly don't remember in what order, but I know they played New York City Speed, Strobe Lights, Radio and Acid Rain. Slowed it down a little with Black Poison Blood. Mat said as a thank you for being such a great audience, they wanted to play something everyone would know and they did Rebel Yell. That went over great with the audience! They finished up with Lips Like Morphine, during which Mat had the little chickies singing in the mike. I must say that Mat really knows what to say to win over the audience! The whole show was fantastic.

::sigh:: It was way too short! And I can't wait to see them again, hopefully sooner rather than later.


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