Funky On My Back-


3. Okt. 2007, 5:58

I discovered Cold Blood at my favorite hometown music store one afternoon while doing my usual run through to buy some new music. The owner of the store was always playing albums. "Funky On My Back" was on the turntable and the shop was boppin' to the sounds of this groove.

This song is powerful in all aspects of production. Lydia Pense handles her business in vocal department as if she was really in the heat of the situation that the song discribes. This petite woman could blow some lyrics. On this track she pulls you in from the beginning when she belts out remorsefully, "I wish I knew what I thought I had" From that point she goes through several mood changes in the song that displays her range as a singer.

This cut has a blues and jazz sound. The piano work on this number is outstanding! This tune is about being caught up in a mess and the sense of rising up only to tumble back down can be felt in every note of the insturmental track of the song.

I would recommend Cold Blood's "Funky On My Back" to those who like a long playing track that mixes vocals and a forceful horn section, with percussion, and a sizzling piano.Janis JoplinHalf MoonRufusStop on ByStop On By


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