Deftones and Dillinger Escape Plan Live 5/6/2011


10. Mai. 2011, 3:44

Fri 6 May – Deftones, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Funeral Party

Some quick background: About 4 years ago, back when I was a high-school senior, getting ready to graduate, I had heard about the Deftones playing a show in June. Being the starry-eyed teenager I was, I tried to organize the collective of friends for this show, but schedules ruined it and I wound-up not going. Disappointing.

So as time goes on, I waited and waited to see them live. I made a promise to see Deftones, Public Enemy and NIN live in my lifetime. I did it in 2008 with NIN, 2010 with Public Enemy, and now in 2011 with Deftones.

And Dillinger added as a sweet bonus.

The show itself: me, and formed a mighty posse and made way to Rhode Island, exchanging stories about bad situations, recycling and RI being a mafia state. Laughs and chuckles as we pulled into RI round 6:20 PM and walked around the city before the show, hitting 2 bars, a fast food joint, and talking sports.

All 3 of us being avid Bruins fans, we were all hoping for a sweep of the Flyers that night, and Alex would always say "knock on wood, knock on wood" to counter-act jinxing. But i digress.... we finally made our ways in around 8:25 PM, just in time to catch the opening act, Funeral Party.

To be honest, they were rather ill-suited on this tour. Having to open for two of the most intense bands out there, it's daunting. However, they did OK, if the music was well outside my comfort zone.

30-40 minutes pass. And here comes Dillinger Escape Plan. The pit is live. And I am cautious, as Alex and Sam get started, I just stay on the outside, with all the movement being minimal during the opening number, Farewell Mona Lisa.

Two songs later, here comes my favorite, Panasonic Youth, and at this point, I have what many call a "bruce banner moment".

The song starts, and boom goes the pit. I nearly see my own life flash before my eyes, as within the first 15 seconds, I am knocked down 2 times, and the second time, people were going all Kamakize on me, diving into me. I'm getting scared now...

And then, I got crazy.

With a pile of people all over me, I start to use my elbows to move the masses and force my way out. That alone was reflex and fight-or-flight reactions. The other part is what scares me.

Showing no fear, I run, yes, run, into the pit and get down with this mass of humanity and start to mosh with the crowd for the end of Panasonic Youth. I got hit in the head 2 times during this, may have had a concussion, explains my post-show light sensitivity the day after.... but alas, I had an insane amount of fun and chaos. Made me fearless.

But back to the music itself, Dillinger live is great, while not blow-away awesome, the songs were all heartfelt and chaotic, as DEP solidified why they are such a great live act.

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In-between sets, Alex, Sam and I lounge on a couch, chilling and healing from the punishing intensity of DEP, and Alex was sporting the wounds of war. Bro's a trooper.

So after we chilled, it was time for Deftones. Knowing how kick-ass DEP was, the 'Tones had to deliver.

And they did. 22 songs deep and all of them done incredibly well.

Again, it wasn't the reinvention of the wheel here, but a few tweaks to songs, and a surprise near the end (which was killer, I might add) along with straight up intensity and heart, helped to make the Deftones' set killer.

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So what do I think of this show?

DEP: A- (mad intensity, shame it only lasted 9 songs)
Deftones: A (stepping it up, and killing it live)

Total ranking: A-
(Great show in terms on energy, not the best overall show I've seen)


Public Enemy: A+
Deftones/DEP: A-


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