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Lenny KravitzCan't Get You Off My Mind 10. Okt. 2009
The-DreamKelly's 12 Play 10. Okt. 2009
Tool 9. Sep. 2009
MudvayneWorld So Cold 9. Sep. 2009
2PacTeardrops and Closed Caskets ft Outlawz 9. Sep. 2009
BabyfaceI Only Think Of You 9. Sep. 2009
The White StripesIcky Thump 9. Sep. 2009
The ChiffonsHe's So Fine 9. Sep. 2009
Brenton WoodBaby You Got It 9. Sep. 2009
The Isley BrothersI Want That 9. Sep. 2009
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Über mich

I'lll start off with my name is Veronica Synada
and I love love...
love music.

Music has been in my life since the beginning and I plan to take it to the end of my life, singin Marachi by the Casket...something by Ramon Ayala...I can live without T.V. but not a Radio or should I say anything that plays music: ipod, mp3player, or cd player!

I remember those days growing up without television on the dairy where the radio was my escape, my touch with reality, emotions wrapped every song I heard had an impression on what I was feeling for that day...and helps soothe, move, and groove you! I love to listen to anything really as long as it has a good beat, my favorites are 80s, 90's, R&B, Durangese, Regetton, Cumbia, Tejano, Oldies, Some Hip-Hop. Anything that gets my caderas movin.
I love to read, write, paint, listen to music, and just relaxin with my family!

to some me up I'm just a country girl with a fashion flair, southern modesty with a touch of divaness!

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