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    2. Okt. 2009, 16:04

    Sat 26 Sep – Just Handshakes (We're British) & Yonderboy - Split-Single Launch Gig

    The Faversham is a lovely little venue in Leeds, and one where many-a student visit on a regular basis to indulge in a drink or two when they can spare the time. Tonight it was playing host to some fine acts, including Yonderboy and Just Handshakes, as this night was in aid of their split single release coming up.

    First up were Bearmask, a Leeds-based band with a hint of 80's and indie in their sound. This was their first gig, and they had done pretty well in getting all their friends and fans to come down. Their infectious blend of powerful synth chords and awesome guitar and sing-a-long vocals meant that these tracks could get the audience singing and dancing along. The singer got more into it as the set went on, as, like anyone, he was clearly a bit nervous to begin with. But by the end he was dancing around, and looked like he was enjoying the vibe from the crowd.

    Following them was Just Handshakes, We're British, another band from the Leeds area. They were rocking the female lead vocals/keyboard, and this added to the massive stack of female-fronted bands I'd seen this summer. They are growing, big time, which is a good thing. People love a bit of lady vocals going down. They played a blend of synth-indie, with some catchy and well written songs, all accompanied by some fancy footwork from the bassist. The vocal work is fairly understated, which worked really well with the songs. This was their single launch, and they had pulled a good crowd, and even got people pre-ordering with bribing them with cakes...

    Yonderboy were headlining the night, and although they hadn't pulled as many people as the first two bands, they still played a tight performance to a loyal crowd. Having that British Indie sound down to a tee, they added their own touch with angular intricate guitar riffs and high vocal lines. Painted Plates was a firm favourite with the crowd, but I felt that although they had some catchy tracks, it all reminded me a bit to much of bands like Razorlight or something similar. The fact that I can remember their tracks since seeing the show tells me that they had more of an effect on me than I first thought...
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