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7. Nov. 2008, 16:08

Links with last.fm protocol (lastfm://) have disappeared from the website, but I make this article for those (like me) who still find it very pratical to listen to radio in Last.fm client instead of let your browser opened all the time.

The most suitable option is to type directly your link in the address bar of your browser (tested only in Internet Explorer 7 & Firefox 3, but normally works in every browser)

Every link must begin with lastfm://, like a http:// in front of every website address. After you can add:

- group/GroupName : it will play the group members radio
ex: lastfm://group/Last.fm

- user/UserName/personal : it will play the user library radio
ex: lastfm://user/mr_maxis/personal

- user/UserName/neighbours : it will play the user neighbours radio
ex: lastfm://user/mr_maxis/neighbours

- user/UserName/recommended : it will play the user recommended artists radio
ex: lastfm://user/mr_maxis/recommended

- user/UserName/playlist : it will play the user playlist (it only plays the "first" playlist which means the one displayed in the Flash player of a user profile)
ex: lastfm://user/mr_maxis/playlist

[edit] There is an other way to play the playlists, when you have a playable playlist (45 playable tracks by 15 different artists) you have the link "Play this playlist" which returns you the flash player. In this link you have the PlaylistID which can be used like this : playlist/PlaylistID

You can play my playlist with this link : lastfm://playlist/3689421

[edit 2] This method is currently unavailable, it will play Full track and Free dowload track of Last.fm but only the 30 seconds preview for all other tracks.

- user/UserName/loved : it will play the user loved tracks radio
ex: lastfm://user/mr_maxis/loved

- event/EventNumber : it will play the event radio (not working with event which has a little lineup) You can find the EventNumber in the address bar of the event.
ex: lastfm://event/655431

NB: The following options are not very useful because there is a faster way to do it in the Last.fm client...

- artist/ArtistName : it will play the artist radio
ex: lastfm://artist/The Beatles

- globaltags/TagName : it will play the tag radio (works also with tag/TagName)
ex: lastfm://globaltags/rock

Impossible to use:
- play/tracks/TrackNumber : you can't have a TrackNumber
ex: lastfm://play/tracks/39879
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  • Fabe56

    I just test with Opera 9.50 and it's OK too. Thanks for this tips.

    26. Nov. 2008, 22:45
  • wiktor

    I tried the event link and it's worx! thx! :)

    11. Jan. 2009, 10:59
  • mr_maxis

    New edit for the playlist.

    12. Jan. 2009, 11:43
  • fmera

    someone mentioned your journal in the forums :)

    20. Jan. 2009, 8:12
  • maz35

    Probably stating the obvious here but you didn't mention lastfm:// links can be displayed on the site by changing the settings so you don't have to go through all that messing if your someone like me who avoids using the flash player as much as possible. The only thing missing when that options set are the playlist ones. Discovered that most recent playlist thing myself when I realised I still had the old link in my client history and it still worked. Good work on the other playlist links, that I didn't know.

    22. Jan. 2009, 12:47
  • a_d_a_m_

    Very, very useful. I have been searching for something like this for months. Thanks !

    18. Jun. 2009, 21:52
  • ultragroove

    thanks... it works great.

    25. Feb. 2010, 9:52
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