Matt Elliott - 2011.05.28 Live at O-nest


29. Mai. 2011, 13:44

2011年 05月 28日 – いいにおいのする暗黒日 “Matt elliottとthe third eye foundation とVampillia JAPAN TOUR 東京編”

1. This Is How It Feels To Be Alone
2. Desamparado
3. I Name This Ship The Tragedy, Bless Her & All Who Sail With Her
4. Howling Song
5. The Maid We Messed
6. Something About Ghosts
7. The Pain That's Yet To Come
8. Also Ran
9. Bomb The Stock Exchange


  • trikatu

    I was trying to find a copy of that first song... Someone on the TEF webpage refers to it as "This is How It Feels to Be Alone" (the obvious title), but not sure a recording exists. Anyway, amazing show!

    31. Mai. 2011, 12:27
  • moyabbf3

    thanks for comments and info about the first song. someone uploaded that song played in nagoya: the show was really awesome, one of the best show performed by solo artist i had ever seen.

    1. Jun. 2011, 8:52
  • trikatu

    great, thanks for the link!

    6. Jul. 2011, 4:17
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