Favorite tracks for week 20


26. Mai. 2010, 22:45

All I Want (Cicada Vocal) by Younger Brother/Cicada (progressive trance, I guess?) So I was listening to some BBC Simon Posford mix and he repeatedly referred to another collaboration of his, Younger Brother. I popped the name into my Last.fm mashup and it eventually played the video embedded above. Which is actually a remix of the Younger Brother song, and is a perfect fit for the video. I found the combination somewhat mesmerizing.

Your Friends Are Scary by Younger Brother (ambient/psy) This one is not a remix, and probably my favorite song from the album The Last Days Of Gravity. Soothing but still driving stuff. The other standout from the release to me is Sleepwalker Part 1/Sleepwalker Part 2 which for some reason really reminds me of Shpongle's Around the World in a Tea Daze (not to be confused with Daft Punk's song of a similar title :P). Of course, Shpongle is another of Simon's acts... Call me a fanboy if you want.

Double Helix by 1200 Micrograms (goa) Not much to say here. This is really straight psytrance. And it's not quite as cheesy as some of the other tracks from Magic Numbers. Sometimes those are more fun to listen to, but only when you manage not to feel embarrassed for yourself. =) I've listened to the album unreasonably often but I only really noticed this song recently, since compared to the other tracks it's almost subdued. Of course that means it's a frenzied rollercoaster ride compared to normal music.


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