Del Tha Funkee HomosapienPress Rewind Lieblingslied August 2011
King TubbyI Trim The Barber Lieblingslied Mai 2011
MursGod's Work Lieblingslied April 2011
Abstract RudeAll Day Lieblingslied April 2011
Brother AliTake Me Home Lieblingslied April 2011
AtmosphereTrying to Find a Balance Lieblingslied April 2011
OnyxSlam Lieblingslied April 2011
Del Tha Funkee HomosapienPhoney Phranchise-Domino Remix Lieblingslied April 2011
Del Tha Funkee HomosapienPhoney Phranchise (Del Mix) Lieblingslied April 2011
Del the Funky Homosapien feat. TajaiMaster Minds Lieblingslied April 2011
DethklokBloodrocuted Lieblingslied November 2010
GojiraThe Art of Dying Lieblingslied November 2010
DethklokMurmaider Lieblingslied November 2010
DethklokDethharmonic Lieblingslied November 2010
MastodonThis Mortal Soil Lieblingslied November 2010
Dimmu BorgirThe Sinister Awakening Lieblingslied November 2010
DethklokAwaken Lieblingslied November 2010
SlayerDead Skin Mask Lieblingslied November 2010
DethklokCastratikron Lieblingslied November 2010
LL Cool JMama Said Knock You Out Lieblingslied November 2010
MantronixMega-Mix Lieblingslied November 2010
Funky 4 + 1That's the Joint Lieblingslied November 2010
Grandmaster Flash and the Furious FiveThe Message Lieblingslied November 2010
GZA/GeniusInvestigative Reports Lieblingslied Oktober 2010
Binary StarReality Check Lieblingslied Oktober 2010
Jungle BrothersSounds Of The Safari Lieblingslied Oktober 2010
KRS-OneThe MC Lieblingslied Oktober 2010
Cecil OtterDemon Girl Lieblingslied Oktober 2010
HeiruspecsHeiruspecs - Braces Lieblingslied Oktober 2010
Steel PulseProdigal Son Lieblingslied Oktober 2010
Boogie Down ProductionsYou Must Learn Lieblingslied Oktober 2010
The Notorious B.I.G.Machine Gun Funk Lieblingslied Oktober 2010
Handsome Boy Modeling Schoollook at this face (oh my god t Lieblingslied Oktober 2010
Zion I & The GrouchTrains and Planes Lieblingslied Oktober 2010
Blue ScholarsThe Ave Lieblingslied Oktober 2010
Del Tha Funkee HomosapienSkull & Crossbones Lieblingslied Oktober 2010
Living Legends2010 Lieblingslied September 2010
Gang StarrCode Of The Streets Lieblingslied September 2010
AceyaloneAll For U Lieblingslied September 2010
The PharcydeOfficer Lieblingslied September 2010
Binary StarNew Hip Hop Lieblingslied September 2010
Abstract RudeCoolin Lieblingslied September 2010
Pep LoveAct. Phenom Lieblingslied September 2010
Handsome Boy Modeling SchoolModeling Sucks Lieblingslied September 2010
Pep LoveLiving Is Beautiful Lieblingslied September 2010
Handsome Boy Modeling SchoolRock N' Roll (Could Never Hip Lieblingslied September 2010
Sage FrancisGunz Yo Lieblingslied September 2010
Del Tha Funkee HomosapienBM's Lieblingslied September 2010
Gang StarrBrainstorm Lieblingslied September 2010
Binary StarConquistadors Lieblingslied September 2010