Chart Comparison: Overall vs Rolling


17. Feb. 2008, 6:11

It's tempting sometimes to replace my overall charts on my profile page with one of the rolling charts, and high up in my overall charts are artists who I have barely listened to since early in my 'career', e.g. Stereo Total and Ladytron (though I still like them).

But I generally prefer to see the overall charts, as I like the idea of accumulated statistics. And seeing the progress of different artists as they make a dent in my established charts.

So instead I thought it would be interesting to set out some of top charts side-by-side, and see the differences in my listening habits over time (well interesting for me, at least ;) ). Plus, since rolling charts constantly change, this is a way of having a static record of my charts over a period of time.

Overall Charts (Artists)

1 France Gall
2 Françoise Hardy
3 Serge Gainsbourg
4 Chantal Goya
5 April March
6 Billie Davis
7 Belle and Sebastian
8 Stereo Total
9 Broadcast
10 Sylvie Vartan

Rolling Year Charts (Artists)

1 Billie Davis
2 France Gall
3 Françoise Hardy
4 Sylvie Vartan
5 April March
6 Serge Gainsbourg
7 Linda Ronstadt
8 Lucky Soul
9 Lush
10 The Shangri-Las

Rolling 6 Month Charts (Artists)

1 Linda Ronstadt
2 Billie Davis
3 France Gall
4 Lucky Soul
5 Timi Yuro
6 Loretta Lynn
7 Serge Gainsbourg
8 Broadcast
9 Bat for Lashes
10 Sylvie Vartan

Rolling 3 Month Charts (Artists)

1 Lucky Soul
2 France Gall
3 Linda Ronstadt
4 ? and the Mysterians
5 Howlin' Wolf
6 Nick Lowe
7 Suzanne Doucet
8 The Rolling Stones
8 Jens Lekman
10 Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings

Top song:

Overall: Anna Karina & Serge Gainsbourg - Ne Dis Rien

Year: Billie Davis - Tell Him

6 Months: Lucky SoulStruck Dumb

3 Months: Lucky SoulStruck Dumb


  • Grimnebulin

    Interesting for some of the rest of us well. :) I always end up using Overall Charts for the same reason. Rolling Charts are interesting but unsatisfying and misleading, because they often include artists I've been listening to for the first time that ultimately don't do much for me. Or artists I've been listening to for kitsch or novelty or nostalgic value (ie Rick Astley or AC/DC). Howlin' Wolf in your 3 month chart. :) Him and Leadbelly, I'd have never have thought.

    22. Feb. 2008, 6:27
  • moonlitkitty

    Heh, well that is what's great about the short-term rolling charts, they reflect what you're exploring but isn't necessarily a staple for you yet. But I agree, that can also mean artists you don't necessarily love (though I do love everything in my 3 month chart right now). Hehe, Rick Astley. My personal radio likes to embarrass me by playing Kylie or the Spice Girls as the first track.

    24. Feb. 2008, 5:38
  • moonlitkitty

    Current 3 month chart: 1 Marissa Nadler 2 Linda Ronstadt 3 Buddy Holly 4 Richard Hawley 5 Midnight Movies 6 The Vaselines 7 Stella 7 Nick Lowe 9 Samara Lubelski 9 Wanda Jackson

    4. Apr. 2008, 6:53
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