Naughty boy


9. Dez. 2006, 17:26

Having more or less given up on finding Adorable at a decent price, I over-compensated by buying umpteen greatest hits of the era when I'd be indie clubbing all the time. So, take a bow St Etienne,Placebo, Cud, Wonderstuff, Echo And The Bunnymen and two of my favourite songs on their respective albums - the remix of Pictures of You from Mixed Up and National Anthem from Kid A.

And because I was being silly, I bought some faux-goth compilation so that I can mosh once again to Jesus Built My Hotrod.

Ahh. It's Peppermint Park all over again.

Still on the list to track down (though I have the vinyl should I ever get a player again):

My World is Empty without You, I Want To Touch You. I keep forgetting which Pale Saints and Boo Radleys stuff I'm after. Anyhoo. Bored now.


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