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Über mich

::my most favorite lines/verses::

we didn't have to have love, to love what we had
- dwele -

tease me
please me
spank me
feed me
you know what i need baby
- jill scott -

also let me mention, my only intention is to feed you every single thing you hunger for, in my heart I have to, and want to have you, so fulfilled that you would never need to ask for more...
- dwele -

if I lack love, then I am nothing at all
- lauryn hill -

if i'm the music, you must be the lyrics
- don't remember!

Until you know my joy, know my pain, and know my struggles
Until you've walked these shoes, paid my dues, and felt my troubles
Until you've shared my tears, known my fears, in all my years
Only till then, you only know what you think you know
- Raheem DeVaughn -

never thought that love could hurt like this
never thought i would, but i got dissed
makes me feel so sad and hurt inside
feel embarrassed so i want to hide
silly me i thought your love was true
changed my name to silly.e.badu
- erykah badu -

f**k the slice, i want the pie
- d'angleo -

there's nothing like this... not even, remotely, like this
- omar -

i just need my guy
long's we're side-by-side
mountains we can climb
that's what it is babe
i'm in this for you...
- chrisette michele -

i might'a did what they say i done
but i'm not who they say i am
- luda -

Show must go on
I'm all alone
out for my dreams
‘Cause she couldn't hear me over the music
Didn't hear me over the music
Couldn't hear me over the music
She never really knew my song
- eric roberson -

love is my permission to be who i am
no inhibitions, 'cuz you understand
freedom to breathe, oh baby
love is you
- chrisette michele -

It's the God in me!
- mary mary -

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