• moik

    * * Aug 28 2006 07:04 speaking of books - while i was typing the above spiel and for a while afterwards i was watching cribs on mtv. i couldn't help noticing that as the rock / rap / sports stars showed off their large beautiful houses there were no books to be seen. some of the houses had built in bookshelves that held only awards or framed pictures. these folks didn't even have cookbooks in the kitchen! or magazines in the bathroom! big televisions, millions of dvds, yada yada yada - you've seen it. so a note to any rock stars out there: consider putting some books in the bookshelves next time you hear myv is ending a camera crew over. the books might even help you fill some idle time between shows and award ceremonies.

    28. Aug. 2006, 14:07
  • Auto_Da_Fe

    Hi. I enjoyed Drop City too. You read his other stuff? Water Music is v interesting imo and all are at least highly readable. And yes - bookless houses give good cause to worry about the people who live in them. (On the other hand, they probably have some wall space. I've run out.)

    28. Aug. 2006, 16:22
  • moik

    yes - i think i have read or aat least begun at least half of his books. sometimes i get frustrated w t c boyle, especially his earlier works like world's end, or water music, because, i know this sounds funny, but he seems to hate his characters. but i didn't perceive that in drop city. i think he is a great writer. oh, and i did notice you had drop city on yr list of best books (from yr web) and i had already purchased it but hadn't read it yet. i can see why you included it. by the way - refer to yr website fairly often.

    29. Aug. 2006, 0:48
  • Auto_Da_Fe

    I read an Anthony Burgess (Time for a Tiger) last night, on your recommendation. Hadn't read him in years. Enjoyed it and will continue to pick them up as they appear in charity/2ndhand shops.

    29. Aug. 2006, 9:00
  • Serpent_axed

    They are hidin' their books on cd in their Escalades to keep people from gettin' suspicious. I enjoyed your review, I will have to check this out.

    1. Sep. 2006, 0:19
  • graham81

    Never got into Drop City, still dont think I finished it. Enjoyed Budding Prospects and East Is East, but have been on a John Fante kick of late, so probably wont get round to it anytime soon.

    4. Sep. 2006, 19:35
  • moik

    graham - fante's *ask the dust* is absolutely terrific. the *Wait Until Spring, Bandini* was really good also. brotherhood of the grape - pretty good - so so. and a collection of short stories i have by him - dont even remember the name of it - not impressed. check out my review: here

    5. Sep. 2006, 3:40
  • the_red_ceiling

    I stopped watching [i]MTV Cribs[/i] when I realized that almost all the houses were the same, and the only difference between one and the next was what uselessly extravagant items they would have. I'll get around to reading Boyle's [i]Drop City[/i], which will hopefully improve my opinion on hippies, but first I want to read [i]Ask the Dust[/i] (after I finish what I'm reading now, [i]Infinite Jest[/i], which may take a while). Coincidentally, have you seen the [i]Ask the Dust[/i] movie? For being an acclaimed novel touched up by the acclaimed writer Robert Towne ([i]Chinatown[/i], scenes from [i]Bonnie & Clyde[/i] and [i]The Godfather[/i]), it was a let-down. Hopefully the characters make more sense when I read the novel.

    8. Sep. 2006, 21:08
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