• Babysitter

    25. Jul. 2006, 4:53

    That is pretty much the CATCHIEST song I've heard. I love it because of it's blatant sexual innuendo which reminds me so much of Belle & Sebastian's "Step Into My Office, Baby". It's also one of those tunes that make you want to hold the mike, move your head drmatically to the side, then just jump up and down and attempt to solicit sex from whatever hot stranger is near you.

    Maybe that's just me. Lol.
  • Genetic World

    12. Jul. 2006, 5:21

    This CD SPEAKS to me. "Love Can Damage Your Health" and "Smile" are so simple, yet they encompass emotions that I'm feeling right now, and the music is so chill, and the enviroment it puts me in, makes me feel serene instead of sad.

    "Yesterday Was a Lie" is so beautiful. Definitely my FAVORITE track. Everyone should check them out.
  • Esthero

    16. Jun. 2006, 0:29

    Esthero and Corinne Bailey Rae have very similar raspy voices. Hence why they are my favorite artists.
  • Corinne Bailey Rae...

    14. Jun. 2006, 22:59

    is pretty damn amazing. One of the best new artists out there. Her songs just resonate.

    My favorite track is definitely "Call Me When You Get This". It has violins in the beginning, and listening to it makes me feel like I'm sitting outside, under a tree, as the sun is shining down on me. Corny, but it gets the point across.
  • Bebel Gilberto

    7. Mai. 2006, 0:30

    She's brazillian, she's jazzy, she's funky, I love her.