• Figure in The Mirror-L'Ame Immortelle

    28. Aug. 2009, 8:57

    Every time you put this mask on your face
    A little piece of your soul dies away

    The figure in the mirror's not me
    A different reality
    It's just a picture that you see
    From my true self, I do flee

    What I feel and what I see
    I do through eyes of an enemy
    Forced by powers pushing me
    Resulting in fear and misery

    I change myself to fit the needs....
    During this Mutation my heart bleeds
    Trying to adjust to Society
    Not anymore I want to be free

    The figure in the mirror's not me
    A different reality
    It's just a picture that you see
    From my true self, I do flee

    Only a few could break the shell
    Surrounding my soul's polluted well
    Drink from it and you will see
    All the pain that rests in me

    It's like Pandora's box
    With a number of haunted locks
    The one who sees deep inside
    knows all the feelings I do hide

    The figure in the mirror's not me
    A different reality
    It's just a picture that you see
    From my true self, I do flee

    Once you took a look inside of me
    You decide between joy and misery
    If you abuse the things you know

    The figure in the mirror's not me
    A different reality
    It's just a picture that you see
    From my true self, I do flee
  • Amy, We Are The Fallen, success and all the likes.

    29. Jun. 2009, 18:26

    I have never written in this journal, but now I've decided to post a few lines. I loved Evanescence very much in my life. They were my first musical love and now I am so disappointed about the course of things. Last, but not the least Amy has definetely lost all my respect when she removed a mod from Evthreads, only because he helped building the board of another band, We Are The Fallen, created by her former bandmates Ben Moody, Rocky Gray and John LeCompt.

    Here the post:

    Ok where do I start?

    As you’re all aware last Friday it was announced that Ben Moody was forming a new band with two other former Evanescence members, a new bassist and an incredibly talented singer from American Idol. As any reasonable Evanescence fan should be I was ecstatic at the news and quickly teamed up with a good friend to create a place where all those who shared my excitement could converge as we celebrated this good news. (now was not and never will be intended to be a rival forum to Evthreads, it does not promote rivalry between Evanescence and We Are The Fallen and welcomes the open celebration of both bands. On Saturday morning I log onto EvThreads to do my daily moderator duties only to discover I'm no longer a moderator. Not just demodded..... they changed my status so I can't even post anymore. It didn’t take long to put two and two together and although I was hopeful it may have just been an extremely coincidental glitch in the forum software but after days of silence Sparkart had officially confirmed that I was demodded due to my involvement with and support of We Are The Fallen. However it’s funny, Sparkart never browses the forums, they rarely involve themselves with activity here at all so there was no way they could have even been aware that I had created a new message board and come to their conclusion that I was no longer fit to serve here. Make no mistake, this decision came from Amy Lee herself. Sparkart cited potential legal reasons for my demotion in their email yet could offer no examples. That is frankly a load of crap, what was did to me was done on the whim of a woman who is ungrateful, insecure and jealous as all hell.
    Oh yes I went there. It's absolute bull what happened. What they are basically saying is that all moderators on EvThreads are prohibited in getting themselves involved in the "we are the fallen" fan community. What a joke!! What a big fat f-ing joke. I have read over the contract I signed and there is absolutely nothing in there that states that you are not allowed to moderate another bands message board. What the **** mate?

    Over the years I have supported Evanescence through buying their merchandise, requesting them on radio stations, voting for them on music/video charts, spending hundreds of dollars on concert tickets, designing EvThreads layouts (which sparkart still have not gotten around to installing), moderating her forum and starting up an Australian fan base community. Most of all I have spent months organizing and editing the EvThreads music videos. These videos offer promotion for her music and give her fans something to be excited about while we sit on our asses waiting for her to bless us with her music once more. This is the thanks I get? Getting kicked out the door because I choose to offer similar support to a band that have made it extremely clear they mean her no ill will and simply want to co-exist peacefully (but then Amy doesn’t like them so there’s fat chance of that happening). I'm sorry but that is just not acceptable.
    I have not once ever involved myself in the many ev/amy dramas over the years. I have always kept my mouth shut and done the best I can as a moderator to deter it. I ask you, put yourselves in my shoes. How would you feel if all this happened to you?
    I know what some of you will say next but believe me when I say this, what you think you know and the truth are two VERY different stories. It will only be a matter of time before she decided she’s done with this community and all of you so please, be on your guard. I know what you’re thinking. “She’s human, we all screw up”. Excuse me? I totally have lost count of how many times this woman has done something to really piss off her fans. She went way too far this time. It's time to rise and shine and see Amy is not the kind and loving “goddess of imaginary light” you all think she is. Sorry Hartzler but “you can’t play the victim this time”.

    Good luck to the rest of you moderators (who I truly love and respect). You're going to need it seeing as she is working on new material to be released next year. There is bound to be a **** load of drama coming our way again, it's a given. I ask the members here to give no heed to certain rumors that have recently emerged. They all care more about this community than any of you could possibly imagine, as did I until I was finally pushed over the edge.
    Despite what a certain “wolf” has said, I love you all and will really miss this place.