26. Jun. 2011, 16:16

Thu 23 Jun – Algernon Cadwallader, Snowing, 1994!, The Living City

This is less of a show review and more of review of one of the best nights I've ever had regarding music. The show at The Flywheel was everything I expected it to be, incredibly energetic, very tight sets, turn-your-life-around happy and just fucking fun. All the bands played incredible songs and everyone was into it. Playing on the floor, everyone huddled around the bands and the closeness felt amazing. Another great thing about this show was the short time in between sets, everyone was quick to set up and it really made the experience that much better. The merch was great and affordable, and it felt great to buy from the bands themselves and help support the tour. My friends and I had a blast and would have been completely content driving the hour and a half back to Worcester County. However, the night was just beginning when it ended.

There was another show about 10 minutes away in Amherst, MA at a place I'd never been to or heard of, Dad City. It's basically a rad house that people play shows at and I'm guessing party a fuckton at. This great band Dowsing opened up and although there were some sound issues at the beginning of their set, they had some awesome songs and really did an awesome job starting off the night. Next, the guitarist from 1994! played some solo songs. I'll admit I wasn't incredibly into the first two songs, but everything after that was actually really nice. It was a much needed break from the constant fast paced craziness of the night, a good breather. Then Snowing played. I felt bad at the earlier show because although I do genuinely love their band, I realized I only knew the lyrics to a couple songs, both of which they didn't play at The Flywheel. However, they played another fantastic set at Dad City and everyone was just having a great time. The singer said some really nice things and made the night even better. They ended with the song "Pump Fake", my favorite song of theirs, and everyone went nuts. I sang along and felt so happy. After that, the show was suppose to end. But no. This night was too fucking awesome. I honestly don't think Algernon Cadwallader planned on playing another set, but sure enough they did. It was incredible. They played a bunch of great songs and killed it.

I can't even describe how much the whole night lifted my spirits. I didn't sleep.


  • Jamesismynamo

    I wish I was able to go, it sounds amazing!

    27. Jun. 2011, 16:47
  • topshelfsquad

    western mass! dad city resurrected! this is great to hear.

    5. Jul. 2011, 21:38
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