Is anyone else disappointed in Saves The Day?


6. Apr. 2006, 22:58

As the release date approached, I prayed and prayed that Saves the Day's new record, Sound The Alarm, would be better than the crap factory that was In Reverie. The few mp3's that had been floating around had been less then spectacular, but for some reason I held out hope.

God, I'm stupid.

At first listen, it's not so bad. A song or two might even sound alright, maybe even to the point where you want to hear it again...but all it takes is to immediately listen to Through Being Cool, Stay What You Are or Can't Slow Down immediately after, and you realize the degree to which it sucks. You wonder where the talent went...did it go with the hunger? I don't know...but the old songs definitely hold up...some stuff (like the Ataris) sounded good when I was 16 but now sounds immature, but the first three Saves the Day records still sound amazing, and the lyrics still resonate. At least the first volume of the Bug Sessions is good, especially the acoustic versions of You Vandal and Jodie...but those are old songs. I guess they're just dead.

Oh Well.

RIP Saves the Day.


  • diehtc0ke

    I actually really like it. So, I don't agree.

    6. Apr. 2006, 23:29
  • lazerviking

    I haven't heard the brand new album.. But I really liked In Reverie.. I was dissapointed at first because it wasn't exactly like their old stuff.. but then I realized that it had slowly been changing all along. Stay What You Are is drastically different than Can't Slow Down, but they are both amazing. I think that fact that they can change shows how talented STD actually is. They are able to grow as musicians and not tire out the same old sound. Sorry if that was long winded...

    7. Apr. 2006, 0:17
  • KtM407

    Have they made any new acoustic songs? Those were really the only ones I liked, except for a couple others.

    7. Apr. 2006, 1:40
  • mir83nj

    I don't have a problem with stuff sounding different, but you can't say that anything post-SWYA is the on the same level...the lyrics got so boring, cliche'd and trite...that was always the high point of a STD record, the lyrics...ugh ok I guess I'm going to have to get some examples... Ok, here is a sample lyric from Through Being Cool: My Sweet Fracture Sample: What's a bond/if it dissolves in water?/I took a piss that lasted longer/than you and your manipulations That's the other thing I liked about STD, that in the lyrics, sentences weren't confined to single bars of music, and somehow it sounded great. Just listen to shoulder to the wheel we drive/dave steps/on the gas the world thats/flying/by is/slick and smooth.... All it takes is a little originality. Then we have this garbage. In Reverie: Anywhere with You I know I can not see you/even if I wanted to/'cause your light is the light of ten sunsets Blegh. Nothing interesting or original about this at all! I'm convinced Chris wants to be John Lennon. What did it for me was when I saw him play a solo acoustic show in Princeton, and like 1/3 of the songs he played before he started taking requests (which, btw, might have been the most amazing thing ever, even though he said he forgot the guitar part for Jodie and couldn't play it!) were beatles songs! What I don't think he realizes is that the Beatles had 3 legendary songwriters offering different styles, and the pulled it off and stayed fresh. Chris is one kid from Princeton who use to write amazing poetry, but once his teenage angst was gone, so went the passion in the songs. It was good run, and I'm sure they'll sell plenty of records and kids will eat it up, but as far as I'm concerned, they're one step away from dead to me. Don't take it all personal if you still like the stuff they put out, but I'm convinced you'd have a hard time convincing me that it's in anyway close to being as good as those first three records (and the acoustic EP). Oh and ktm407, I do not believe they have made any new acoustic songs. But the acoustic versions of the old songs are pretty awesome :)

    8. Apr. 2006, 21:23
  • lazerviking

    You do have a point about the lyrics. I do enjoy In Reverie.. but I can only listen to Driving in the Dark or Tomorrow's Too Late alone from the rest of the cd. The other songs on In Reverie I have to listen to from start to end. I heard some of their new songs at the concert they played last night and the song Sound the Alarm sounded really good. The other two, I had a hard time getting into. I just really hope that STD doesn't turn into a scene band (since that's what the audience mostly consisted of last night... blah).

    9. Apr. 2006, 15:26
  • OtherBen

    I couldn't disagree more. Sound The Alarm is a massive return to form. Diseased, Say You'll Never Leave and Eulogy are picks of a GREAT bunch. Listen to Bones, you cannot tell me that the song doesn't remind you of Through Being Cool/Can't Slow Down era STD. I won't bother to comment on your lyric observations because I could easily pick out awful lyrics from their past and compare it to great lyrics from At Your Funeral or Dying Day.

    9. Apr. 2006, 19:50
  • KtM407

    They should do more acoustic songs. Those were their strength. (I only liked their acoustic songs. Hated the fast punk-ish ones.)

    9. Apr. 2006, 20:28
  • OtherBen

    That's probably because you're dyspraxic.

    9. Apr. 2006, 21:08
  • mir83nj

    hahahaha...i had to look that one up, but I definitely laughed out loud when I saw the definition

    9. Apr. 2006, 21:13
  • KtM407

    Or I just don't like shitty music. Ahem, Alkaline Trio anyone? Yeah, I thought so. Thanks.

    10. Apr. 2006, 3:56
  • OtherBen

    OH NO! SOMEONE INSULTED ME ON THE INTERNET. Follow these simple Last.FM steps for guarenteed defense: 1. Look at offensive user's profile. 2. Select a band that you personally dislike. 3. Belittle band and user. Mission successful. Now you look like a big person! Hooray.

    10. Apr. 2006, 4:12
  • OtherBen

    Example. ktM407 samples: 46 Mariah Carey 52 17 Gwen Stefani 102 4 Brand New 343 15 The Bravery 110 26 Ashanti 83 I AM GIGANTIC.

    10. Apr. 2006, 4:18
  • mir83nj

    This is funny, please keep it up. I agree though, I think everyone has some embarassing shit on their profile...for example, I somehow left my iTunes on tonight when I left for work, and after the decemberists album was done playing, it went straight on down through D and is moving alphabetically as we speak. Hence, the Dierks Bentley cd I forgot I had just got a full play-through. Please all, mock away.

    10. Apr. 2006, 7:38
  • KtM407

    At least I know the difference between guilty pleasures that are catchy-yet-lame and genuinely shitty music. Ahem. 1 Alkaline Trio 481 8 Coheed and Cambria 314 13 Fall Out Boy 272 14 MxPx 266 15 The Get Up Kids 247 You can't even argue that you heard it on the radio and it got caught in your head because radio stations don't play that shitty music. Seriously, you listened to The Get Up Kids 247 times... you have no right to be insulting anyone. Hahaha. And I'd take Gwen Stefani at #15 over MxPx at #14. And secondly, are you 12? Fall Out Boy? I bet you have a poster of Carson Daly up in your room too. Just remember you're the little bitch who insulted me because I know that most of Saves The Day music sucks. If you like fast bursts of same-sounding shit over and over, then I can see why you love Saves The Day punk stuff. ;)

    10. Apr. 2006, 18:00
  • OtherBen

    I really think my ironic argument went right over your head didn't it? You look ridiculous right now insulting me because of music I deem as good. You're older than me, you should know better. Didn't your parents ever give you the talk? Is your Dad bigger than my Dad? You're funny.

    10. Apr. 2006, 18:55
  • KtM407

    No, I actually got it completely but you're the one who started it all by insulting my music tastes (re: Saves The Day) and I wanted to illustrate the [i]irony[/i] of you making fun of someone's music tastes in the very first place. Go listen to some Fall Out Boy, k? K. By the way, you're ugly and look malnourished. Also, try going outdoors and getting some sun once in a while. Cheers, mate!

    11. Apr. 2006, 3:10
  • mir83nj

    Yes, yes!!! I love it!!! Someone say something about the others mom!! Your mom listens to Fall out Boy! OOOooooOOOoooHHH BURN!!!

    11. Apr. 2006, 4:22
  • OtherBen

    Hahahahaha! All because I said you're dyspraxic. A throwaway comment made in complete jest. Nothing hurts more than picking on physical appearances huh? At your age I would have thought you knew better. Surely you should be setting an example of community and goodwill? Nevermind, looking like a llama is hard. I should know RIGHT!? RIGHT!? Not half wrong.

    11. Apr. 2006, 20:55
  • OtherBen

    And the IRONY is I never said ANYTHING about your music taste in the first place. I called you dyspraxic. Look it up. It has nothing to do with Saves The Day/music/malnourishment. It was a COMPLETE joke.

    11. Apr. 2006, 20:58
  • KtM407

    Apparently I don't like punk because I have no coordination. Also, as an American I must be a thick-headed idiot, according to your shout on my page that I deleted, yes? If you and your buddy mir83nj weren't making fun of me, then your delivery sucks.

    14. Apr. 2006, 2:46
  • mir83nj

    I was just egging on a fight...I thought it was funny :P Still is...

    14. Apr. 2006, 6:33
  • OtherBen

    What a sore loser.

    21. Apr. 2006, 1:29
  • mir83nj

    You know...the more I listen to this record, the more I tolerated it. By the third listen, I actually kind of enjoyed it... There is a good chance I might actually like it. The lyrics aren't as nearly as good, but at least it rocks a little bit. His voice has gotten sooo much whinier...I'm pretty sure ups & downs was the turning point for that. Only time will goes another listen...

    21. Apr. 2006, 20:38
  • OtherBen

    Two words. Bones. Delusional. Is all you need.

    21. Apr. 2006, 22:06
  • mir83nj

    Ugh. I hate it when this happens. I open my big mouth, and then I'm wrong. This goddamn record is growing on me. I dare say...::GASP!:: I like it! Now, there's still stuff wrong with it, namely the fact that the song titles are in the lyrics of every song... But there are a few things I love: -Hell is Here and Say You'll Never Leave (best songs on the record) -The SICK bass solo at the beginning of Shattered -The last :50 of Bones...they almost sound like a punk band again! It took about 6 listens (some of which weren't recorded because of a weird loophole in the iPod submissions), but it's official: I like this record. A lot. I still think TBC and SWYA are better records, and that the lyrics aren't as cood as CSD, but it's LEAPS AND BOUNDS better than In Reverie Life is good :)

    26. Apr. 2006, 8:01
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