Mix Tape 5th June


8. Jun. 2011, 14:26

Late in posting an update, but the playlist as always was up on Sunday. As I've had exams I didn't have a chance to post up an entry. There is a real mixture this week in genres, and I hope that there is something there for all my lovely listeners! So here is this week's playlist:


Threat Signal - metalcore, melodic death metal, industrial metal, metal, thrash metal
Nightrage - melodic death metal, death metal, metal, gothenburg metal, swedish
Still Remains - metalcore, metal, hardcore, melodic death metal
Violent Work of Art - industrial metal, industrial, metal, electronic, death metal
The Mad Capsule Markets - digital hardcore, japanese, punk, industrial, metal
Volkstrott - folk rock, german, folk metal, neofolk, folk
Mutabor - ska, folk punk, german, punk, folk
Wolfstone - celtic, folk, scottish, folk rock, celtic rock
Hagalaz' Runedance - neofolk, folk, pagan, medieval, ambient
Mike & The Mechanics - 80s, pop, rock, classic rock, progressive rock
Bruce Hornsby & the Range - 80s, classic rock, rock, singer-songwriter, pop
Billy Joel - classic rock, singer-songwriter, rock, pop, piano
Little Richard - rock and roll, rock n roll, rockabilly, oldies, rock
Chuck Berry - rock and roll, classic rock, blues, rock n roll, rock


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