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Kürzlich angehörte Titel

Kasabianclouds 17. Jun., 1:13
Kasabian(levitation) 17. Jun., 1:12
KasabianExplodes 17. Jun., 1:08
Kasabianglass 17. Jun., 1:03
Kasabiantreat 17. Jun., 0:56
KasabianDoomsday 17. Jun., 0:52
Kasabian(mortis) 17. Jun., 0:51
KasabianStevie 17. Jun., 0:47
KasabianBumblebee 17. Jun., 0:43
Kasabian(shiva) 17. Jun., 0:42
The King BluesLet's Hang The Landlord - Album Version Dirty 26. Mai., 19:25
The King BluesThe Streets Are Ours 26. Mai., 19:22
The King BluesFor You My Darling 26. Mai., 19:17
The King BluesSave The World, Get The Girl 26. Mai., 19:14
The King BluesUnderneath This Lamppost Light 26. Mai., 19:09
The King BluesThe Schemers, The Scroungers, And The Rats 26. Mai., 19:05
The King BluesI Got Love 26. Mai., 19:02
The King BluesMy Boulder 26. Mai., 18:59
BabyHeadHumble Man 26. Mai., 13:48
BabyHeadPhantom Power 26. Mai., 13:43
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Bands Ive seen live:

My Chemical romance (my bad)
Mindless self indulgence
Healthy minds collapse
The Dykeenies
Bleached Wail
Cage the Elephant
The Chapman family
Detroit social club
The puppini sisters
Twisted Wheel
Imelda May
White lies
The human league
The wombats
Marina and the diamonds
The View
Dizzie Rascal
The difference engine (x2)
Random hand (x6.1)
The Skints (x4)
Sonic Boom six (x4)
Poison the Well
Rise Against
Tokyo Rose
Mirror signal manoeuvre (x5)
We are the ocean
Kids in glass houses
Kiss your commander
[spunge] (x3)
Face to face
Dropkick Murphys
Forgotten roots
Knock out
World of Static
Twenty Twenty
Frankie and The Heartstrings
Cosmo Jarvis
Egyptian Hip Hop
Everything Everything
De La Soul
Enter Shikari
Sounds of swami
Newbridge Downfall
The JB Conspiracy (X2)
Big D and The Kid's Table
Pulled apart by horses
Band of Skulls (more like band of DULLs, am I right?)
The editors
Jaya the Cat (x3)
The Hostiles (x2)
The Human Project
The Mos Eisley Cantina Band
Chase & Status
We are the Union
Less than Jake
Pendulum (x2)
Dirty Revolution (X2)
Broken Nose (X2)
The King Blues
Too Spicy
Rolo Tomassi
Short Bus Window Lickers
Tyrannosaurus Alan
Pipes and Pints
Resolution 242
Pink Hearse
The Restarts
A Wilhelm Scream
The Bouncing Souls
The Exploited
Los Fastidos
Radio Dead Ones
Moral Dilema
The Filaments
The Dickies
The Grit
The Human Project
The Beatdown
Chas Palmer Williams
Anti vigilante
Mike 'Fruitbag' Only
STZA Crack
Citizen Fish
The Arteries
Ok Pilot
The Flatliners

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