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The Ting TingsDo It Again Gestern um 21:23
The Ting TingsDaughter Gestern um 21:20
The Ting TingsSuper Critical Gestern um 21:16
The VeronicasYou and Me Gestern um 21:13
The VeronicasLet Me Out Gestern um 21:08
The VeronicasCold Gestern um 21:04
The VeronicasIf You Love Someone Gestern um 21:01
The VeronicasMore Like Me Gestern um 20:57
The VeronicasYou Ruin Me Gestern um 20:54
The VeronicasMad Love Gestern um 20:50
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Hey there! I'm just a guy that chooses his music very carefuly. I have a wide music taste. Starting from metal through rock, folk, nu-jazz, movie music and classical.. I am open to any kinds of recommendations and I check them if I have enough time. You can post anything in the shoutbox if you like :)

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