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but beside of that I have satisfied
however still have some stuff / instrument that has always been a friend, and also as a substitute for drugs.
My guitar lover

however i am satisfied still have some music instrumen, like a acoustic guitar, electric guitar, pianika, standart fife, jimbe and organ (old school type).
and that is the real friend's of mine.
and it is also the one of the therapy to heal my soul that is was confused,
music is the substitute drugs that I've ever done, and the most important from all of that, is the best from the powerful and the effectual healers.stuff, is the "best cure for my feeling"

-" GUITAR is the only one of the real friend and the best friend,
that's the Friend and lover, that I've ever met and that I ever had.
My guitar is the lover for me, tones is my soul mate,
and musics is the refuge for me, it's like a place to hide.
and singing is the Similar feelings, is the same feeling when I use illicit drugs.
and songs is just the substitution from drugs, The same thing that will you get,
a same feel, a taste that will I got, when I do drugs, just like heroin, MDMA, LSD, marijuana, greatest thing for me to get a new start"-

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