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30. Jun. 2009, 10:11

I've been bored and 'made' 3 pipes that are fairly useful to me, I was surprised how easy it was to cook up something like that:

1. (which aggregates a user's friends loved tracks)

2. (same, but playable, using J Herskowitz' meP3 pipe to resolve playable mp3s, which makes it possible to grab as an itunes podcast,or listen in an rss reader)

3. (which does the same as pipe #1, but for groups. It only works for groups that have no more than 50 users, otherwise it just gets the data from the specified group's 50 most recent members).

Thinking about it, I'm not sure if these aren't a bit too heavy on's servers, requesting quite a lot of data for each time they run, not sure if there's a better way to get this sort of data, though.

On a related note: if you haven't yet, get on J Herskowitz' "Playtapus" project page to find some really interesting stuff:


  • Jason404

    Do you know if it is possible to use YP to feed one's artists list (with pictures linking to the artist page) onto my personal website? I think it would be pretty nice to have a page of my favourite music artists.

    9. Jul. 2011, 7:28
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