• My Daughter's Mixes

    7. Jul. 2014, 4:31

    I finally finished my daughter's 2013 mixes. These mixes celebrate her birth in December 2013 with some of the top female-fronted bands and their releases from 2013. I have a Spotify and an 8Tracks mix for her. Here they are for people's considerations

    1. Fear of Men - Born
    2. Waxahatchee - Peace And Quiet
    3. The Julie Ruin - Oh Come On
    4. Speedy Ortiz - Gary
    5. Aye Nako - Start Talking
    6. Veronica Falls - Tell Me
    7. All Dogs - Buddy
    8. The Fireworks - Runaround
    9. Bleached - Searching Through The Past
    10. Habibi - Sweetest Talk
    11. Potty Mouth - Wishlist
    12. The Spook School - Who Ya Gonna Call? Goat Buster!
    13. Joanna Gruesome - Sugarcrush
    14. Yo La Tengo - Cornelia and Jane
    15. Southern Femisphere - Houses
    16. Colleen Green - You're So Cool
    17. Perfect Pussy - II
    18. Camera Obscura - Do It Again
    19. The History of Applie Pie - Do It Wrong
    20. Golden Grrrls - New Pop
    21. Swearin' - Young
    22. Radical Dads - Mountain Town
    23. Pity Sex - Keep
    24. Lemuria - Brilliant Dancer
    25. Wax Idols - The Cartoonist
    26. La Luz - Sure As Spring
    27. September Girls - Green Eyed
    28. Color Me Wednesday - Cat Hair
    29. The Choo Choo Trains - Save Me
    30. The Courtneys - 90210
    31. Pleasure Leftists - For A Family
    32. The Pastels - Secret Music
    33. Savages - She Will
    34. Hilly Eye - January

    If you have Spotify, you can listen to this mix.

    1. Slum of Legs - Bentint and Malovence
    2. Imaginary Pants - Channels
    3. Bunny's A Swine - Greetings From The Bottom [dual vocals]
    4. Mane - Older
    5. Thee Open Sex - Peanut Butter
    6. Batty - Summoning Call
    7. Love Cuts - Horoscopes
    8. Shepherdess - For Once And All
    9. Libyans - Throwaway
    10. The Mouthbreathers - Street Sense
    11. Fake - Allergy
    12. Weather Weapon - Cement Fawn (On a Tiny Lawn)
    13. Joyride! - Social Studies
    14. Parasol - No Right
    15. Dogjaw - Dragon
    16. Longings - Trapped [dual vocals]
    17. The True Jacquenline - Cloud Metal
    18. Margy Pepper - Hands
    19. Frau - Safety Instructions
    20. Household - The Way Things Are
    21. Secret Parts - Just Cope
    22. Neonates - Make Believe
    23. Manors - Behind The Lines
    24. Cold Beat - Worms
    25. No Ditching - Meat In Your Teeth
    26. Edible Arrangements - Catholic Quilt
    27. The Wild Ones - Shimmy
    28. Chemical Peel - Chance
    29. Elephants - Taste That Damn Miracle
    30. Sex Tide - Shakes (She's Got)
    31. The Pretty Greens - I Don't Wanna Be Yelled At
    32. Tomboy - I Can See
  • Blessed State, Young Adults, Powerblessings: a somber show

    31. Mai. 2014, 13:09

    Fri 30 May – Young Adults, BLESSED STATE, Powerblessings

    This was a bit of a somber event since this was Powerblessings last show and then we learned it was one of the last shows Young Adults was playing. Nevertheless, a ton of energy was felt by the bands. Blessed State opened to an incredible size crowd. With their new album coming out soon, they had a lot of local fans actively participating with the band, especially with their new songs. Young Adults played next and although I have found their music to be strong, their live performance that night seemed a little off. Some minor stuff, like the capo being put on wrong, derailed an entire song. I guess knowing that they would be breaking up soon, I kind of felt less than impressed by their set. I love their music, but it just did not come off strong live. Powerblessings, who explicitly were breaking up after tonight's performance, were very alive and well however. The bands shredded through most of their recorded material (their album and EP) at a ferocious speed. The members seemed slightly emotional, but in good spirits, that this would be their last live performance. The crowd was packed for this set with tons of people definitely there to see a band that they knew as friends.

    Overall, a solid show, even with a somber atmosphere.
  • Emperor X, Pretty & Nice, Bunny's a Swine, Passerine, michael gundlach

    12. Mai. 2014, 2:27

    Sat 10 May – Emperor X, Pretty & Nice, Bunny's a Swine, Passerine, michael gundlach

    I was invited to this show by a member of Bunny's a Swine. This was at a producer's studio in Easthampton, so it felt like I was at a private event but it was open to the public. Michael Gundlach opened: he played his bass and acoustic guitar with some nice, autumnal tunes. Passernine played next with an acoustic set and they were great, folky tunes. Pretty & Nice played next with some jammy, pop songs. At one point, the sound system screwed up for a few moments, but the members of Pretty & Nice and Emperor X sang, very loudly, a Prince song and a Proclaimers song. Both the band and Emperor X's fun attitude were really engaging and warm. Bunny's a Swine played next, which included about 2 new tunes. Love that band; they are so fun and down to earth with the crowd. I sadly had to leave after that, but right before Emperor X jumped into his set. He asked everyone to join him in the hallway as he played from his acoustic guitar. I left as he played his first song. Really fun, intimate, and warm/inviting show!
  • Radical Dads, Grass is Green, Epilogues, Bunny's a Swine, BLESSED STATE

    30. Mär. 2014, 1:31

    Thu 27 Mar – Radical Dads, Grass is Green, Epilogues, Bunny's a Swine, BLESSED STATE

    Stress of having a 4 month old definitely made me appreciate my going out time. Went into the Flywheel right in time for Blessed State's set. Great tunes and energy from the band. They announced they would have a new album soon, so they played some new tracks and some old ones from their demo. Then, the band Hodera (formerly Epilogues) played. Not my exact type of music, but I really liked the band's mood and chemistry as a band. They actually played a cover or Radiohead's "High and Dry" and it was actually a great rendition of that song. Bunny's a Swine played next. Love the band's chemistry with the crowd; they are always very interactive with the crowd and are really friendly and funny to the attendees. Great set from them across their several releases. Grass is Green played next. Really loud and great jams from this band. Radical Dads ended the show. I love their material, but my goodness, their live set was amazing. They had such energy and pace with their songs. Definitely appreciate their recorded music at a different level. Overall, a fantastic show for a Thursday night.
  • The Enchanted Forest: Swearin', California X, Potty Mouth, Aye Nako, technicolor…

    10. Mär. 2014, 14:23

    Sun 9 Mar – Swearin', California X, Potty Mouth, Aye Nako, technicolor teeth

    I must preface that I have not been to the Flywheel or any show in more than 4 months. I have a 3 month old baby, so I have not gone out for shows since November. So, when I went to this show, I was beyond excited to listen to tunes and socialize. California X played first. They played a relatively short set with 2 new songs to play in their repertoire. Heavy tunes from them. Aye Nako ended up playing next. They were talkative to the crowd, which was nice, and they had great pop punk jams to play. Technicolor Teeth played next. They jammed through their tunes relentlessly with little to no breaks. Heavy noise pop with some dream pop effects. I was a bit surprised that Swearin' played next. They played a good, but short-ish set. They played a deep cut of theirs along with their newish stuff from their 2013 album. Potty Mouth closed off the set. I guess it is one of their last shows with their guitarist Phoebe so there was a somber-ish mood. But, they played through their set with a fun attitude. If I am not mistaken, they played at least 2-3 new songs and closed off with their guitarist Phoebe singing "The Better End". It should be noted that the booker, Meghan, and a couple of other Flywheel volunteers heavily decorated the Flywheel with forest-like decorations. This was to keep the theme of the "Enchanted Forest". They did a really good job. Overall, fantastic show!
  • 2013 Shows

    22. Dez. 2013, 21:33

    I went to an unorthodox amount of shows this year, more than I used to go in college. Here is what I saw:

    Jan 7th - Priests, Funsuck, Adult Fiction, Young Enthusiasts at Flywheel
    Mar 28th - Sourpatch, Joyride!, The True Jacqueline at Sierra Grille
    Apr 11th - Potty Mouth, Mean Creek, Hortonia at Sierra Grille
    May 9th - Powerblessings, Young Adults, Blessed State at Sierra Grille
    May 24th - Broken Water, Bunny's a Swine, Funsuck, Grammerhorn Wren at Flywheel
    June 13th - The School, The Fawns, JOSÉ AYERVE & THE NUCLEAR WASTE MANAGEMENT CLUB at the Sierra Grille
    June 17th - Cheap Time, Imaginary Pants, Longings, Two Tree at Flywheel
    June 20th - Nude Beach, Potty Mouth, Beach Honey at Sierra Grille
    July 9th - Panzram, The Wild, Longings, Neoteric at Flywheel
    July 27th - Sproton Layer, Bunnies at Flywheel
    July 31st - Chain & The Gang, Anthro Rex, Sharkee Katz, Young Enthusiasts at Flywheel
    Aug 11th - Remote Desire, Sucked Dry, Snot Rocket, Secret Parts at Flywheel
    Sept 12th - Tenement, World Domination, Perfect Pussy, Snot Rocket, Psychic Blood at Flywheel
    Sept 14th - Potty Mouth, California X, Fleabite, Fat Creeps at Flywheel
    Nov 19th - Catenine, Orca Orca, The True Jacqueline, Beach Honey at The Elevens

    such a great year.
  • Emma's Mix!

    29. Nov. 2013, 14:49

    This is my daughter's mix/playlist. She is probably going to be born anyday now since she is 38 weeks. Very excited!! These songs varied; some were either about children/childbirth/daughters, some were pop/love songs that I thought were cute to put on, while others were close-to-my-heart songs/classic songs I wanted her to one day hear. Enjoy!
  • Misogyny, Sexism, and other forms of Discrimination in Punk

    18. Sep. 2013, 23:56

    I knew it was an issue when I first saw it this afternoon, but I am glad it is becoming a more investigated affair. Won't go into too details, but an organization account was most likely hacked and a misogynistic and sexist statement was said of an all-female band. Shitty how misogny and sexism, in addition to transphobia, homophobic, racism, classism, Orientalism, ageism, religious/spiritualist discrimination, and ableist elements still exist in the so-called egalitarian, open, underground punk-indie rock DIY scene. As a person, this stuff has always disgusted me, but it has added weight to me as a future parent of a daughter. I hate sounding paternalistic and I wish not to normalize parenthood, but for me personally, I hope that if Emma ever wants to be a rocker, she never has to face this bullshit. I hope they can resolve this issue quickly
  • Potty Mouth Record Release Show

    15. Sep. 2013, 12:21

    Sat 14 Sep – Potty Mouth Record Release Show!

    This was a fantastic show. Easthampton was alive with the Art Walk which increased foot traffic to the Flywheel. I volunteered cafe duties last second and I thought the experience was fun and very socialable. We have some good drinks like natural root beer, birch beer, and China cola. Oh, and we have Pierce Brothers coffee. With houw the acoustics work at the Flywheel, I was able to hear perfectly well each band.

    Fleabite from Boston played first and they were good; they had a punk-indie poppy sound. Surprising me, California X played second. First time ever hearing them live; oh my god they were a wall of heavy, fast sound. Fat Creeps played second and were great as well, more like Fleabite's indie pop sound with more of a garage pop thing going on. Potty Mouth closed. Felt bad for them because their record label/distributor did not ship their albums to Flywheel. so, they had no new albums. Still, a good set.

    All in all, a good night. I awkwardly saw my doctor outside of the office during the Artwalk hours. She gave me a nod of acknowledgement but went on her way.
  • Tenement, Snotrocket, Psychic Blood, world domination, Perfect Pussy

    13. Sep. 2013, 15:03

    Thu 12 Sep – Tenement, Snotrocket, Psychic Blood, world domination, Perfect Pussy

    Damn that was a good show. Snotrocket played first. Liked their sound and was happy to hear a Connecticut band I have heard of for awhile. Connecticut, especially around the Willimantic area, has some great bands. Psychic Blood was next. I have heard of them as well, especially since they are from the Amherst area. Boy, they were good. Loved their energy. Perfect Pussy was next and they were awesome. Such energy and presence. I had not heard World Domination but I liked what I heard. Very long, rhythm-rich noise that made me just move to the music. Finally, Tenement headlined and I really dug their sound and energy, especially from a band I heard traveled 12+ hours to get there.

    A Thursday night treat of a show!