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  • celer2008

    Music has a wonderful power of recalling in a vague and indefinite manner, those strong emotions which were felt during long-past ages. As several of our strongest emotions - grief, great joy, love, and sympathy - lead to the free secretion of tears, it is not surprising that music should be apt to cause our eyes to become suffused with tears, especially when we are already softened by any of the tenderer feelings. Music often produces another peculiar effect, a special tendency to cause the muscles to tremble; and the thrill or slight shiver which runs down the backbone and limbs of many persons when they are powerfully affected by music. (Charles Darwin, 1872 [1998: 216])

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The men here are desiccated like mummies
Been out in the sun for thousands of years
The women stuff themselves full of collagen
And other animal remains

I don't think we'll stay here long
As soon as the ships have been rebuilt
We'll be out of here
Into the sun

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