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Return With a Mask On (feat. MidaZ, J Freedome, Jaye Severe) 5:23 13
Are You Ready (feat. Magestik Legend, Tiffany Paige, A Kid Called Fresh) 5:19 7
Triple Jeopardy (feat. Alucard, cRITICAL, IDE) 4:22 7
What's It Gonna Be (feat. Hezekiah, Keziah, Thomas Clay) 4:03 6
Corporate N Gommorah (feat. Synopse, Icon the Mic King, RUGGED) 5:19 6
Spazz (feat. Planet Asia, TzariZM) 3:02 6
IMAKEMADBEATS (feat. MidaZ, J Kroaz) 5:42 6
Heard Of Me (feat. Black Milk, Butta Verses, MidaZ, TzariZM) [Dirty Socks Remix] 3:36 6
365 (feat. TzariZM, Illustrate, Greg Barbone, Ryan Gilligan) 6:11 5
Revenge NYC (feat. Steele of Smif N Wessun, O-Smash, Wayne White) 4:41 5
The Clapz (feat. Magestik Legend, Lenny Williams) 4:36 5
The Same Feat J Freedome 1:45 5
Heard Of Me (feat. Black Milk, Butta Verses, TzariZM) 4:40 3
Twisted Heart / Congratulations (feat. MidaZ, Roc C, Mic Geronimo) 6:11 2
I Bet (feat. J Freedome, Von Pea, Xodus) 3:57 1
Science EQ (feat. MidaZ, cRITICAL, Sabac Red of Non Phixion) 4:07 1