Quizzing the Unquenchable


20. Feb. 2008, 8:14


How would you describe yourself: Trouble in Mind :P [good one, shuffie]

How would your friends describe you?: Something in My Shoe
Your family?: Mad The Swine

Are you generous?: Come Together

Do you have a short temper?: Good Golly, Miss Molly [this being my friends when they get a whiff of my temper)

Are you a procrastinator?: Get Gone [for I am always procrastinating.. I am a master at this]

How do you feel about yourself?: Rhythm Saved the World [Oh, yeah, shout, sister, shout]

How do you feel about others?: Jealousy [if this isn't good, I don't know what is!]

What do you think of puppies/kittens?: Any Colour You Like [bring on the puppies and kittens... to slaughter...]


How would you describe your best friend?: Recoil... [well, she does love ani difranco, so i guess that works]

What do you like to do with your friends?: We Belong Together [does this mean... I like gang bangs? hm... Do I?]

Where is your favorite hangout?: Je suis un voyou [I am not a voyeur... I do not like to listen and watch other people in buses, it is JUST your imagination]

A phrase or word that would describe your group of
friends: Good Rockin'Tonight [I'll say!]

What do you say about your friends when they are not around?: Alive Again [really?]

Name something you'd like to do with your friends, that you've never done: Got A Brain' New Suit [Lobotomy sounds fun!]


So what will or is your true love like?: Till It Happens to You [you wouldn't really know. Dragos happens]

What does he/she think of you?: Chocolate Jesus [tasty! worship me in chocolate...]

What do you guys like to do?: Lord Raise Me Up [umm.. we like bungee jumping?! ... What d'you think that meant, you perv? *slaps*

What will everybody be saying at your wedding?: Because [Because.... what?]

What will your honeymoon be like?: Hot House [this shuffle of mine rules]

Any kids in your future?: Four Women [i am not skipping tracks this is certainly uncanny]

Describe the love you share: William Summoned [Uhm, we summon some William dude with our powerful love? Kinky. not.]


your job: The Twelve Days of Christmas [a partridge in a pear tree... all those presents for me!]

your car: James Bond [admitedly I got a sweet deal! I s'ppose the next bond car will be a Dacia 1300, i'm thinking they're going vintage ]

your house: Just pray [yeah, did I mention I live in a cathedral? Or a nunnery occasionally. We never throw parties. Never! Never!]

your family: Can't Take My Eyes Off of You [Because you're such a troublemaker. Yeah!]

your next vacation: This Train [is bound for glory... I'm guessing... it's gonna be fun...]

the sky: Le temps passe [look out and see the past out your window]

flowers: Summer's Gone [sadly]

walking down a dark alley: Gravedigger [with my spade in tow...]

waking up early in the morning: Thank You, Stars [serves you well for disappearing right when I was having some kind of fun...]

stubbing your toe on the door: Inner Conflict [ain't that metaphoric?]


What quote will you be remembered for?: Going Missing [somewhere inside my cranium there's a label reading this and a bunch of cobwebs]

What does the bumper sticker on your car say?: Diamonds on My Windshield [tears from heaven...]

What is the first thing you say in the morning?: My Oh My! [got that right]

What is the last thing you say at night?:Subterranean Homesick Alien [I like my nights underground.]

What are the words that you are just waiting to say to the world?: Ham'n'Eggs [suck!]

To your true love?: When the Time Is Ripe [Miss Piggy: Oh, when do I sing]

What will your gravestone say?: Our Lips Are Sealed[looks like I won't make a happy loquacious phantom]


  • msSketch

    vreau si eeeeu! cum fac?

    22. Jul. 2008, 20:56
  • msSketch

    yes but of course.insa de fapt intrebam cum sa apara linkul melodiilor. adica, ai dat tu copy paste sau asa a fost automat?

    23. Jul. 2008, 12:21
  • mergicuviitura

    pai cand scrii postul ei un butonas cu track printre alea de editare si selectezi textul melodiei si completezi the artist, si-ti apare link.:P

    23. Jul. 2008, 12:38
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