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7. Apr. 2007, 6:08

9995 - Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised) - During this song I realized close I was to 10,000 and debated putting my collection on random shuffle, whether to let Peter Tosh play through, or what. Decided to check out those songs with 5 stars in WMP. So I'm playing some of my favourites to mark this occassion. As for this song itself, it's awesome. *Let God be praised.* I haven't gone through a Peter Tosh phase for a while. I feel one coming on.

9996 - It's Raining Men! - Reminds me of folks from boarding school (long ago and far away). My roommate use to sing this song.

9997 - Chrome - What can I say. I love chrome.

9998 - Don't Cha Wanna Ride - Joss's voice is spectacular. She and Leela James are two of my favorite artists. Great music. Sometimes fun, sometimes inspiring lyrics. This song always makes me smile! And, seemed a good song to follow a song about Chrome. :)

9999 - (Turn Out the Light And) Love Me Tonight - Eric Lewis' group. Terrific bunch of guys. Love their music. Especially love this song. Has been at the top of my tracklist since Day 1.

10, 000 - Cosmic Dancer - From the Billy Elliot movie. Love that film. This song says it all. I realize it's about dance, but for me it has always meant Music. A passion for music and expressing oneself through / to music. Music saves me every day. Music moves me every day. I'm a music addict. I had selected I Love to Boogie. It's just a fun song. Not one I remember to play much, but a great title to say what music means to me. But then I clicked back to Cosmic Dancer. Now that just felt right - Blending my love of spirituality, love of Stephen Halpern's work, and music. "I danced myself right out of the womb." God, I love music.

Woo - Hoo!! Wow. 10, 000 songs. Who knew.


Top Artists

Position Artist Number of Plays

1 Steven Halpern 724 - His work is incredibly healing.
2 Cowboy Junkies 283 - All time, top favorite group. Discovered in college. Have passionately collected all their CDs since then.
3 The Real McKenzies 248 - OMG! Put a bagpipe in a my presence and I'm yours. I'm a pushover for bagpipes, men in kilts, and esp. in a Celtic punk band.
4 Richard & Linda Thompson 174 - Introduced to by someone who taught me many things about online life. The songs are damn depressing, most of them.
5 Evanescence 173 - Most excellent for web designing. Now mostly listen to it while cleaning the house.
6 Otis Redding 169 - Another all time, top favorite artist. My brother had possession of one of his double albums (in vinyl) for years. Until I demanded it back a few times. LOL - Then I got it back and some of my favourite songs. Boy. I still need to get a new stylus. Shoot.
7 Joss Stone 152 - Husband of a co-worker recommended it. Love it. What more can I say.
8 Fuel 150 - Also good for web design.
9 Flogging Molly 142 - Introduced to by a brother of a friend of mine who took us on a lovely little snowshoeing jaunt, straight UP the side of a mountain. During which I pulled my pole out of the snow and saw only AIR. Woke up the morning before this jaunt to the blaring sounds of Flogging Molly and found my love of celtic punk. *sigh*
10 U2 135 - College standard. Love it. Great for cycling. Hi, Ken & Scooter! Recently developed a solid U2 CD collection.
11 Leela James 134 - What a voice!
12 Govinda 127 - Wow. Wow. Wow. There was a time, this was all I listened to. Wow.
13 Madeleine Peyroux 113 - Hmmm... She has a lovely voice, but my heart gets tight every time I see her name. She reminds me of a more recent ex. Don't listen much anymore. Perhaps later on.
14 The Tennessee Boltsmokers 109 - Great group. Fun songs. Met Eric Lewis in Door County when he was playing mandolin for some other customers. Bummer - He was not my waiter. But I found a way to meet him anyhow. I really should see if they have any new albums.
15 Alicia Keys 101 - Terrific. Not much to say here.
16 Ella Fitzgerald 96 - It's Ella. I love her music. Don't listen to her, Sarah Vaughn or that other chickie enough.
17 Barry White 95 - Oh My Gawd!! * m e l t s *
18 Sade 92 - College standard. Love it.
19 Dropkick Murphys 90 - Listened to alot when I first started listening to Celtic punk. Haven't listened a whole lot lately, except for St Patrick's Day. :)
20 Loreena McKennitt 89 - One of my all time favorites. Her songs don't seem to get tracked well on last.fm. I should check their tags. Use to listen to her all the time at work and home. Now not quite as regularly. Have been collecting her CDs.

Top Tracks

1 The Tennessee Boltsmokers – (Turn Out the Light And) Love Me Tonight 49 Woo-Hoo! I like this song, whomever sings it.
2 Steven Halpern – Chakra Suite: 2nd Chakra: Keynote D 41 I feel so much more grounded and clear after listening to his Chakra Suite. His other work is nice but this chakra suite is particularly effective. I also like (notice it's not on here) some Crystal Bowl recordings by other folks. The tags must not be right.
2 Steven Halpern – Chakra Suite: 4th Chakra: Keynote F 41
4 Steven Halpern – Chakra Suite: 1st Chakra: Keynote C 40
5 Steven Halpern – Chakra Suite: 3rd Chakra: Keynote E 38
6 Steven Halpern – Chakra Suite: 5th Chakra: Keynote G 36
7 Richard & Linda Thompson – I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight 34 - Great song. Makes me feel happy, so I tend to play it over and over.
8 Steven Halpern – Chakra Suite: 6th Chakra: Keynote A 32
9 Steven Halpern – Chakra Suite: 7th Chakra: Keynote B 29
10 Steven Halpern – Ascension 26
10 Steven Halpern – Sonic Satori 26
12 Leela James – [Untitled Hidden Track] 25 Wonder what song this is. ??
13 Steven Halpern – Spectrum Suite: 1st Chakra: Keynote C 23
14 Steven Halpern – Spectrum Suite: 3rd Chakra: Keynote E 22
15 Steven Halpern – Spectrum Suite: 2nd Chakra: Keynote D 21
16 Richard & Linda Thompson – The sun never shines on the floor 20 Depressing. Wonder why I play it so often. Hmmm... Must serve as a counterpoint to Bright Lights.
16 Cowboy Junkies – 'Cause Cheap is How I Feel 20 - Like this song. This isn't my favourite of their songs, but a very very helpful healing song during a break up. These must've been tracked a while ago.
16 Steven Halpern – Shambhala 20
16 Otis Redding – Cigarettes and Coffee 20 - WOO-HOO! My all time favouritest song ever!! These numbers don't do it justice.
20 Joss Stone – Don't Cha Wanna Ride 19
20 Steven Halpern – Chakra Chimes 19
20 The Real McKenzies – Raise The Banner 19 - If this song doesn't make you want to hike, I don't know what will. I wish I could program this and all other bagpipe songs into my alarm clock.


There is so much music I listen to off-line, at work, etc. that's not tracked here. I tend to experiment with new artists I come across, borrow lots of CDs from the library, surf other folk's tracks on here. And naturally have very eclectic tastes. So this means it was very hard for audioscrobbler to figure out any neighbors for a long time. Now I have neighbors, but it's rare if I run across anyone with high (official Last.FM) compatibility in musical tastes (and similar artists) on this.

One notable omission - Marillion is one of my favourite bands. It's not anywhere listed above. They rank #73. Statistically that might be accurate, but not reflective of my affection for the band and their music.

In terms of my general listening habits, these stats above are starting to be fairly accurate.

Thanks joining me in this reminiscence. Best, melomane


  • DudeTheMath

    I know what you mean about finding neighbors; it took weeks to get mine, pretty much until my Rush, Genesis, and Yes collections (all nearly complete) kicked in. Those dominate because they have such extensive discographies, and I have iTunes party shuffle set to bias toward recently chosen artists. Now all my neighbors are big prog fans! Not that that's a bad thing; it's just that it's only [i]part[/i] of what I listen to. That's why I seek out people who have compatibilities other than Super, but with eclectic charts, to make conversation with; we often have a lot more in common than Last.fm thinks. For example, when I looked down this 10,000 artist list, I found Sade: yup, back to college, listening with my hallmates to Smooth Operator, the two Phils singing Easy Lover, and that other song (help me out) that starts, She brushed by me in painted-on jeans/And all heads turned 'cause she was the queen. I ought to be able to follow the lyrics from there, but my head keeps turning it into MJ's Billie Jean (I wonder if it's in the same key?).

    10. Apr. 2007, 21:15
  • melomane

    Could you sing it a little louder?? That might help me remember. ;)

    13. Apr. 2007, 0:54
  • DudeTheMath

    Don'tcha love teh intarweb? I just googled the first line, and I found it (oddly enough, on the misheard lyrics page): Caribbean Queen.

    13. Apr. 2007, 13:17
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