Just a bunch of music I threw into a playlist to listen to when I'm stressed out. These songs convince me that musicians are secretly magicians.

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White Guys With Guitars

I made this mix to play in my car when I went to go visit Audrey. They requested music that they might actually know, which ended up being a bunch of white guys with guitars. I tried.

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Wolfe 530

My freshman roommate kaitlin was so wonderful for putting up with my incoherent indie ramblings that I just had to make her a mix CD at the end of the year. Oh memories.

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Names to Dance to

My sister dances...a lot. Her dance recital's theme this year is "songs with names in the title". A little lame, but I convinced my sister to let me put together some songs.

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Driving to Pitchfork

Three mixtapes put together that I made for the long drive to Chicago for the Pitchfork Music Fest (I'm terribly punny at times).

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