Man OverboardDear You Lieblingslied Juni 2011
Miranda LambertThe House That Built Me Lieblingslied Oktober 2010
blink-182Don't Tell Me It's Over Lieblingslied August 2010
A Day to RememberIf It Means a Lot to You Lieblingslied August 2010
+44No It Isn't Lieblingslied August 2010
The Spill CanvasSelf-Conclusion Lieblingslied Mai 2010
CartelWasted Lieblingslied Mai 2010
I Set My Friends on FireThings That Rhyme With Orange Lieblingslied Mai 2010
Four Year StrongIt Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now Lieblingslied Mai 2010
Jack's MannequinHammers and Strings (A Lullaby) Lieblingslied April 2010
The Early November1000 Times A Day Lieblingslied April 2010