Bands I keep coming back to


19. Okt. 2006, 1:02

I went to see Live for the third time last Sunday. The show was their third in a row and Ed was losing his voice, not to mention that the venue was smaller than in the past and was seat only which made for a rather different atmosphere from when we usually hang at the back of the general admission area behind the mosh pit. Given these circumstances, I didn't find the show as good as the previous two I'd seen but it was still great - every time I see Live I fall in love with them over again. I usually don't pick favourites in anything, but I've decided that Live are definately my favourite band. I was a bit disappointed with their last two albumns when I first got them, but they've grown on me, especially the stand-out songs, The River, Sofia, Sweet Release, Runaway, etc.

So, other bands I keep coming back to: U2 (seeing them next month!), Augie March, Red Hot Chilli Peppers (who we tried to get tickets to but couldn't, plus they were too expensive) and INXS. Plus I never tire of Michael Jackson (sad, I know), and Coldplay.

Surprisingly though, there are a few songs introduced to me by my husband from The Cure and Depeche Mode that I don't tire of, just don't tell my husband!

Oh and I will always come back to Madonna (at the height of her career), jazz and swing classics as covered by Michael Buble and the quintessential Australian rock of Powderfinger.


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