Favorites -- shuffle game.


26. Nov. 2011, 13:39

Put your iPod/MP3/Media Player on shuffle and answer the questions :D

Song Number 1:
Get Back - Demi Lovato

Your favourite lyric from this song: "Don't look at me that way I see it in your eyes"

Does this song have any bad memories attached? No.

What genre is this? Pop/Rock


Song Number 2:
Gotta Be You - One Direction

What's the last line of this song? "It’s gotta be you, only you"

Have you ever seen this artist live? No.

Who does this song make you think of? The guy I like

Song Number 3:
Gift From Virgo

What's the first line of this song? "I wish i could look in your eyes"

Where did you first hear this song? When I bought the album back in 2003

How about the first time you heard the artist? When she was in Destiny's Child


Song Number 4:
Poem To A Horse - Shakira

Which friend could this be a theme tune for, and why? None of them.

Write down the chorus:
"I'll leave again
Cuz I've been waiting in vain
But you're so in love with yourself
If I say my heart is sore
Sounds like a cheap metaphor
So I won't repeat it no more "

Why do you like this song? I don't


Song Number 5:
I Gave You All - Mumford and Sons

What kind of film would you choose this as the theme for? Some Indie film i guess

Who introduced you to this artist? The Internet

Best part of this song: When he sings "I gave you all."


Song Number 6:
Don't Touch (The Zoom Song) - Ashley Tisdale

The fourth line reads: "You think you know"

How long is this song? Three minutes, thirteen seconds.

Is it one of your favourites? No


Song Number 7:
Higher Love - Nicholas Jonas

How long have you been listening to this artist? Since his second album with the Jonas Brothers which was in 2007

What's the cover look like on the album this came from? It's Nick sitting on a step or something wearing jeans, a jacket and sneakers and he is really young.

What's this song about? Either God or finding a partner.


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