• Grooving in Green's new album

    4. Jul. 2010, 22:13

    Grooving in Green- the band I sing for have a new album coming out in August. It's been produced by Steve Carey from the Eden House/NFD and features bass contributions from Tony Petit from The Fields of the Nephilim. We have uploaded a few tracks now- Rise is on the Grooving in Green homepage and Post Traumatic Stess and Serpentine are on the Children on Stun homepage. All the tracks have yet to be mastered so you might need to crank the volume up but you'll get the idea. Hopefully. Til next time...
  • Out of date

    23. Feb. 2008, 3:13

    The play list I have is kinda out of date- well maybe that isn't the right way to word things. Basically I am listening to a lot of music on my SACD/DVD-A player, hence it cannot be listed here. It has been a lot of NIN, Pink Floyd and Depeche Mode- mainly as they are the only DTS albums I have at the moment!
    Anyways, I just thought I should address that fact as the list is looking rather barren these days.
  • As you might gather

    14. Nov. 2007, 23:48

    I prefer to listen to a whole album at once rather than skipping through random tracks- this can be great when you have a solid album and really awful when you have something like the Schwein album where there is only one or two tracks...