addictive almost too good amazing at first i didnt like it that much but now i love it awesom awesome close to my hear close to my heart cute dreamy extremely beautiful fave faves favorites feels like summer first name titles fragile freaking love it fucking awesome gives me chills great great song titles grey's anatomy hallelujah haunting high heels dancing in my room hurts i adore the music video i adore this aronofsky and mansell combination i almost forgot how much i love this song i both hate and love this song i can listen to this song over and over again i cant even i couldnt love this more i dont know which one i love more the song or the singer i feel like a superhero i feel like i wanna hug this song i have no words i suddenly fall in love with this i think this is one of their best songs i usually listen to this when im sitting on the bus i would definitely marry the lead singer if i could double love this track i would im officially in love important inspiring intense long song titles love love at first listen love it love the ending love the first words of this song love the lyrics major addiction make it or break it makes me love life even more makes me smile meaningful means a lot to me memories movies my biggest loves my heart breaks a little new favorite oh gosh seriously i love this oh i love this shit perfect play it loud loud loud really like it rock is like a desert there are so many mirrors but only one oasis seen live soft sounds like strawberries strong stuck in my head sunday music swedish sweet the most beautiful song in the entire world the most inspiring music video ever the vampire diaries there is a part of lyrics i really like these memories are amazingly vivid this song was playing in my head for weeks but i couldnt remember what it was and… this version made me listen to the lyrics too cool for normal tags what the fuck is wrong with the music video when i first found this song i had to listen to it over 10 times in a row yay yea i kinda like it you bring my heart to its knees