• I issed it!

    19. Jan. 2011, 19:16

  • Ahhhhh i love music!!!!

    10. Jan. 2011, 11:44

    AAAaaaahhhh you know you know this i love music you know i mean its the only thing that really matters eff everything else i just gotta listen to music yes AAAAAaaaahhhh!!! you know!!!???
  • If you effin need music!!!!

    4. Jan. 2011, 14:37

  • is your homepage?

    28. Nov. 2010, 2:51

    then join the group! derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • If youve been to shows from your favorite artist....

    28. Nov. 2010, 0:33

    then join the "I go to shows" group and tell us about it!
  • I'm an independent artist - Group

    27. Nov. 2010, 5:35

    Join if you are amongst the independent artists !
  • i luv

    23. Nov. 2010, 4:51

    man i love i just wish they had thier shit together ive spent a long ass time uploading my music and it wont play when i click on it! wtf oh well ...
  • status update

    18. Nov. 2010, 16:54

    that would be tight if you could update status but then it probably become more like a regular social site this woulda been so cool when i had my other ipod cause i would had way more plays by now everyone should have a this shit is dope! i just wish fuckin itunes would hurry up and confirm my musician account so i can sell my shit on here and everywhere really maybe someone will buy my shit if not thatd still be cool just to have my shit for sale on heressssss. ayyo my sttus just changed to " Listening to my own shit. you can to if you buy it" except some are free damn i wonder if i can upload plays from my old ipod that thing is so wrecked though. so like the scrobbler just works when it wants to for me itll scrobble twice like in an hour cause ill be listening to shit on youtube instead and its all the while scrobbling my ipod over a long period of time. im just not gonna fuck with it anymore i connect my ipod when im on the interent and if it wants to it will scrobble if not whatever lol !!! okay i think im gonna go to motorheads and add as many of those cool fuckers as i can!
  • scrobbler!

    15. Nov. 2010, 17:50

    yeah i think it takes an overall average of all the music in commmo with other person and i still havent figured out how to fuckin scrobble the things a piece of shit! the other day it did it by itself now i gotta go to diagnostic and the peice a shit wont scrobble im fucking gonna delete that shit and re install it one more fuckiin time and if it does this bullshit again then fuck scrobbling!!!
  • wtf!

    29. Okt. 2010, 15:58

    how the eff do i get this damn thang to read my effin ipod i dont really care but last fm said thats what it does and its only done it once! also i was thinking five artist in common is not very many to be displayed as "super" the highest rating and super sounds gay too i guess that doesnt even matter.