How to tag The Circle Maker?


21. Jan. 2008, 12:19

I once came across a CDr titled "John Zorn - Issachar" which contained some of best music I have ever listened to. The disk was a copy of another copy of another copy, had some scanned and cheaply reprinted cover art.

Time passed, appeared, and more time passed so that I began scrobbling.

Then I once tried to search youtube for videos of performers performing some of this and it appeared that the artist is not John Zorn. I checked with discogs, found that though the 2CD set is filed as John Zorn - The Circle Maker it is performed by Masada String Trio and Bar Kokhba Sextet who are same people + 3 more :)

And, searching youtube for Idalah-Abal I found the Electric Masada's performance which is damn different.

The Idalah-Abal I was searching for is called Meholalot (Masada String Trio) or Meholalot (John Zorn) in some of freedb entries. While discogs call it Idalah-Abal.

Well, says Meholalot. Have to edit that discogs entry.

What is more preferred - tagging by performer or collective artist-composer name stated for the set?

Another option is to just listen without giving a damn to this keeps-stats-clean thing :)


There are two different tracklists over the web. And both discogs and musicbrainz suck at showing the same to what Tzadik says.

Plus, Bikkurim at is not the Bikkurim I have.

This part differs:

1-11Masada String Trio Hodaah (3:49)
1-12 Masada String Trio Elilah (3:21)
1-13 Masada String Trio Idalah-Abal (4:54)



As we can see, the discogs entry mistakes Meholalot for Idalah-abal and Elijah is written with no j but an l.

The musicbrains entry says there's a Bikkurim at track #12.

Where is the truth? I assume I'm having an Elijah instead of Bikkurim. Then, why don't I have Bikkurim, too?


  • JamesLebowski

    I'd say tag it as John Zorn. Or would you tag Wagner's Ride Of The Valkyries as Bla Orchestra from what city ever - Ride Of The Valkyries? Actually musicbrainz, which cooperates with musicbrainz-tags equals correct tags on lists the Circle Maker with artist John Zorn. Hope i was able to kinda help.

    24. Jan. 2008, 18:20
  • matvey_andreyev

    I also prefer this option. Currently have these tracks as John Zorn's. Also compared to tagging classical composers' music which is being performed by so many different collectives. Just that has The Circle Maker tagged by performers and these tracks have previews. Not important, of course. I do not like musicbrainz yet. I tried. Thanks for the reply.

    24. Jan. 2008, 21:29
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