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Über mich

Matthew Dryden is the explosion of poetry and heart which leaves behind broken ribcages and bleeding fingertips. His inspirations are, but not limited to, smart women, sexy women, good-looking women, quiet women…any women, really. And, of course, life itself.

Matthew is a saturation of imagery, words, great heights and naïve wisdom. He romances the stages of Guelph, Toronto, Burlington and many others. He writes about what matters – the inside-out, the sunrise of a soul, the rhyme of sex, the rhythm of orgasm, the neologism of late night conversations, the lip traces on a wine glass in the morning.

Matthew Dryden has a history of violence towards banality, a parenthood with his son, sewing ripped hearts and the boiling of new hope. His is a brilliant masterpiece of modern love poetry and he’s here to stay.

(Special thanks to Darya for writing this bio.)