Another Autumn Mix (+download)


6. Okt. 2006, 5:32

1. The Olivia Tremor Control- I Can Smell the Leaves
2. The Microphones- I Felt Your Shape
3. Death Cab for Cutie- Blacking Out the Friction (Piano version)
4. Simon and Garfunkel- Leaves that are Green
5. Vashti Bunyan- Rose Hip November
6. Devendra Banhart- The Body Breaks
7. Nick Drake- Way to Blue
8. Luna- Moon Palace
9. Iron & Wine- Passing Afternoon
10. Azure Ray- November
11. The Feverfew- By Now
12. Elliott Smith- Color Bars
13. Joanna Newsom- Sprout and the Bean
14. The Decemberists- Of Angels and Angles
15. Sufjan Stevens- Chicago (Acoustic)
16. Beck- Lonesome Tears
17. Red House Painters- Song for a Blue Guitar
18. Smashing Pumpkins- Mayonaise
19. Cat Power- Knockin' on Heaven's Door

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This mix is a sorts of sequel to the previous Autumn mix a made a few weeks ago. There's a slight crossover of artists between the two mixes, but just like any good second installment there's plenty of new artists to make it not just a rehash. I didn't quite get into the monthly specifics in this particular mix, but i think it turned out great nonetheless. I'm not going to do an individual rundown of each track like last time, but instead i'm opting for a description of my basic mix making approach.

Okay so in it's simplest definition and form, a mix cd is a compilation of various tracks that you like. It doesn't need to have a specific theme or order to my earliest mix making days when Napster first burst out onto the scene i was making discs filled with my current favorites from modern rock radio. However a mix cd and be so much more than just that. If assembled to do so, a great mix can convey specific emotions and feeling just as well as a great novel or film. The method I use for making mixes is similar to that of writing a research paper. First I find my sources- in this case the artists and specific songs that potentially mirror the theme of the mix, either lyrically or through the feelings that the music itself produces. I'll then write down the all the possible candidates on a sheet of paper. When I finally have a decent amount, i'll open all the mp3s in a playlist, first to check the total length and second to aide in the most important aspect of mix making...coherence. Rather than just being a collection of songs, a true mix like all great albums should have a significant impact on the listener when taken as a whole. With the songs in the playlist I then reorganize them in a logical order. Obviously the opening track has to be amazing, and if there's a heavier more distorted song it can't be played after a sparse acoustic one. If you're going to have a mix of genres on a mix and have it be coherent it's necessary to have a sensical flow. Like take it from an acoustic track to one with clean electric perhaps with light brush drumming, and then maybe through in a song with distortion. You want the listener to think "wasn't i listening to a acoutic folky song a few minutes ago?" not "what the fuck...where did this come from?" Oh the opposite you cannot have too many similar songs in a row. On my mixes i tend to obtain a good mix of both male and female singers, flip flopping between them every few tracks. Another important variable is transitions from song to song. For me personally this takes me the longest when building a cd. Now i obviously haven't perfected the art yet and can't get the songs to float on perfect from one to the next like an elephant six album, but then again to achieve that you'll most always have to do some editing on the tracks themselves. For the first time I did make some cool edit pro modifications on a few songs, yet those were basic changes: removing the applause in the simon & garfunkel track, cutting some extensive silence at the ends of several songs, and adding fade in and outs (most significantly on the cat power track). Now once you finally are set in your track order your last step is simple and easily the most enjoyable...burn and listen. How rewarding that is.

Olivia Tremor ControlMicrophonesDeath Cab for CutieSimon and GarfunkelVashti BunyanDevendra BanhartNick DrakeLunaIron And WineAzure RayThe FeverfewElliott SmithJoanna NewsomDecemberistsSufjan StevensBeckRed House PaintersCat PowerI Can Smell the LeavesI Felt Your ShapeBlacking Out the FrictionLeaves That Are GreenRose Hip NovemberThe Body BreaksWay to BlueMoon PalacePassing AfternoonNovemberBy NowColor BarsSprout and the BeanOf Angels And AnglesChicago AcousticLonesome TearsSong For A Blue GuitarMayonaiseKnockin' On Heaven's Door


  • lochranza

    You have fabulous taste. Congrats, sir.

    7. Okt. 2006, 0:13
  • sootstar

    good music taste :)

    8. Okt. 2006, 8:29
  • bedroomdance

    this is great! shame rapidshare hates me, but i love the songs you've put in it!

    15. Okt. 2006, 19:11
  • voddo

    Oh, wow. Thank you for this. I had never heard of The feverfew before - now I have. Thanks to you. Amazing stuff.

    2. Nov. 2006, 18:19
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