• 2010 Album of the Year: 1-15

    18. Jan. 2011, 22:46

  • 2010 Album of the Year: 16-20

    18. Dez. 2010, 15:03

    Seen as there is less than a fortnight left of 2010 here is the first part of my AOTY blogs. Canny be arsed doing write ups for them atm... maybe for the top 5... maybe.

    20) The Mynabirds - What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood

    Listen to on Spotify

    19) Wild Nothing - Gemini

    Listen to on Spotify

    18) Jenny and Johnny - I'm Having Fun Now

    Listen to on Spotify

    17) Avi Buffalo - Avi Buffalo

    16) She & Him - Volume Two

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  • ATP Bowlie 2 Preview

    6. Dez. 2010, 19:37

    My plan for ATP Bowlie 2

    6.00pm-7.00pm - Best Coast Centre
    30 min clash don't know what to do
    6.30pm-7.45pm - Teenage Fanclub Pavilion
    8.30pm-10.00pm - Foals Pavilion

    30 min clash - probably miss 2nd half of Foals
    9.00pm-10.00pm - Saint Etienne Centre

    10.30pm-11.30pm - The Go! Team Centre


    [Morning swim]
    4.15pm-5.00pm - Dean Wareham plays Galaxie 500 Centre
    5.15pm-6.15pm - Wild Beasts Pavilion
    15 min clash - don't really care
    6.00pm-6.45pm - Field Music Centre
    6.45pm-7.45pm - Dirty Projectors Pavilion
    30 min clash - Rage worthy don't have a clue what to do
    7.15pm-8.15pm - The New Pornographers Centre
    8.15pm-10.00pm - Belle & Sebastian Pavilion
    10.15pm-11.15pm - Jenny and Johnny Centre
    1.15am-2.15am - Crystal Castles Centre


    [Morning swim & Pizza Hut]
    6.15pm-7.30pm - The Vaselines Pavilion
    8.30pm-10.00pm - Camera Obscura Pavilion
    12.00am-1.00am - Zoey Van Goey Centre
  • Records of the Year 2009

    21. Dez. 2009, 2:33

    Quantity x quality is a cunt... And with each year it just keeps growing. Simon Reynolds's Notes on the noughties: The musically fragmented decade from the Guardian is a good article which basically sums it all up. There just isn't enough time in a year to hear every good. So with that I give you a rather undeceive THE BEST ALBUMS OF 2009 (ANYONE WHO SAYS DIFFERENTLY IS WRONG)

    15) The Bird and the Bee - Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future (Spotify link)

    14) Atlas Sound - Logos (Spotify link)

    13) Deerhunter - Rainwater Cassette Exchange (Spotify link)

    12) Bon Iver - Blood Bank (Spotify link)

    11) Metric - Fantasies (Spotify link)

    10) Sonic Youth- The Eternal (Spotify link)

    9) Regina Spektor - Far (Spotify link)

    8) The Pains of Being Pure At Heart - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (Spotify link)

    7) Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca (Spotify link)

    6) Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion (Spotify link)

    5) Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career (Spotify link)

    4) Horrors - Primary Colours (Spotify link)

    3) God Help the Girl - God Help The Girl (Spotify link)

    2) Au Revoir Simone - Still Night, Still Light (Spotify link)

    1) Jamie T - Kings & Queens (Spotify link)

    If I can be arsed sometime, sometime when it's not 2:30 in the morning... I might add some natter about each individual album in the future, but for now you yourself can just marvel at the album covers and give a listen to the music yourself.
  • 5th birthday today

    24. Okt. 2009, 1:15

    It's my 5th birthday on

    My how my taste has changed... wonder what the first track I listened to was.
  • 2008 Ten of the Best (albums)

    9. Nov. 2008, 14:50

    Not been wow’d away by all that much this year. Not that that’s a bad thing. 2008 the year of change, the year of Rat or at least more or less eleven twelfths of it is/has been. 2008 the year of quality over quantity.

    Early as ever, I am with these things, but in the age of the internet if you haven’t heard it by mid-November it’s out next year. So…

    My Top Ten:

    10) A Silver Mt Zion as Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band with 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons
    Bombastic vocal Post-Rock from people that brought us such godliness as God Speed! You Black Emperor. This isn’t on the same level as that, and is more in your face get it straight away stuff than previous outings, so those who like it deep might be a little off put, Efrim’s vocals also could also be a little off putting for some people. I don’t entirely mind all that much to be honest, it has a distinctive flavour and is a good album in it’s own light. A light that will probably remain over shadowed for many by it’s gigantic brothers and sisters.

    9) Coldplay with Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends
    In my Metal loving days of yesteryears Five seconds before I heard this album, I would have berated myself for considering it a good album, after all it is Coldplay. Who have previously never previously produced anything more than a good collection of singles that on there own merits are decent, but played back to back quickly cause high levels of boredom. This however is quite the opposite no real singles as such other than the it’s namesake which I shocked not to have seen in a sporting montage. I don’t I know what I can say to get you to listen to it because they are one of those bands. I suppose when you’re influences are U2 and Radiohead you’re just asking to have some quarters to refuse to listen to you.. But do, it’s a pleasant surprise.

    8) Mogwai with The Hawk is Howling
    One of my favourite bands, have been for the past two years, since the days I went to college in Manchester and Mr Beast adverts were literally plastered at every visible angle. Nothing really new here, to be honest there probably not that much they can did with regards to changing there sound, but quality wise the maintain their typically high standards. One notable thing is there are no vocals at all. None. No one on the telephone, no sample Iggy Pop chatting on about crap, none guy out of Super Furry Animals. Pick out tracks is Scotland’s Shame and the first single Batcat.

    7) Venetian Snares with Detrimentalist
    Gentlemen. Usually I’m a bigger fan of the Rossz csillag alatt született type Vsnares albums, and for now that will a far as I’m concerned will remain to be Aaron Funk’s magnum opus. That said this from the word go produces a party in my ears. This album his more Drum’n’Bass and Dub influenced than those previous to it, yet is very typically Vsnares with mad breaks. It’s just that this time it makes you want to dance and party more than ever before.

    6) Peter Broderick with Home
    Ever since I “discovered” the beauty of this man’s music when he supported Efterklang last year have I claimed his genius, and such a departure from ones usually sound can only come in one of a few categories. Sell out, disaster, or genius. This of course is genius. His usual beautiful ambience and piano melodies are replaced by with acoustic folkiness, and vocal melodies. Comparable to the likes of Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver, just better than one, almost as the other. Of course it’s hardly shocking he can write/play in a different style to which he often does, after all he is a multi-multi instrumentalist, and one of the greatest musicians I’ve had the pleasure of seeing live.

    5) Peter Broderick with Float
    Bet you wasn’t expecting that! Yes, he scores two in a row. This album is his signature sound that I have come to love with the European Tour CD and Docile. Peaceful and tranquil, I’d recommend to anyone, and everyone. We can’t go at 100mph all the time, and this album is perfect to relax to.

    4) Portishead with Third
    This band are relatively new to me, having discovered them pretty due to this album coming out, and the push it was being given. It’s great! I’ve since gone on to grab hold of the two previous studio releases one of which Dummy challenges Mezzanine for greatness. But let’s rant about this album. The music is dark, eerie, and oddly beautiful. Beth’s voice can only be described as hypnotic - amazing - beautiful. This release more or less optimise the theme of the year (quality over quantity) as it is the first release from the band in over 9 or 10 years I believe! The Rip and Machine Gun are particular favourites of mine.

    3) Sigur Ros with Með Suð i Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust

    Not many bands are in the top 20 or my 3 month, 6 month, 12 month, and Overall (4 year) charts… In fact there are only two. Mogwai and Sigur Ros. Oddly enough neither of which at the moment I have seen live. I unfortunately had to yet again pass on Mogwai the other week because of being poor. Sigur Ros however is all fully booked and just waiting to happen in a few weeks… And I can’t wait one little second.. If I closed my eyes right now and suddenly it was time for me to get the coach down to London I’d be one happy boy! Oh, and did I mention they are number one on my overall charts.

    What was that waffle all for you might ask, well you don’t get that consistently high on my charts without having a number of great albums, and yes, you’ve guess it. Með Suð i Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust is another great album. In many ways it’s very similar to Takk, in many ways it’s not. The opening track for instance wouldn’t go a miss side by side with an Animal Collective (circa FeelsFeels) track. Yet it soon becomes signature Ros, but the transition is smooth it’s not like one second you’re listening to Animal Collective next Sigur Ros, oh no. It’s Sigur Ros all the way through. In that essence the album is more like one big journy of a track than many different songs. Nevertheless it’s one top notch album.

    2) M83 with Saturdays = Youth

    Fresh, Retro: I can’t think of two more juxtaposed adjectives, especially when it comes to describing music. However when thinking of how to describe M83’s new outing Saturdays = Youth. They both pop to mind almost instantly. Whereas previous M83 albums sound like an up-to-date reprisal of classic showgaze, Saturdays is the most perfect eighties pop album for the noughties. Everything from the album sleeve to the first and last beat screams “nineteen eighties!” loudly and proudly however what’s inside is so modern it, so much so it’s almost unbelievable. Yet it is believable, M83 make it believable.

    1) Bon Iver with For Emma, Forever Ago
    Recorded and released in America last year, Bon Iver finally hit these shores and my ears around May of this year. For Emma, Forever Ago is a collection of personal, heart warming modern folk songs. On first listen you think it can’t get much better than this. On second you think the same, or the hundredth and so on you still think the same. That is all until you see Justin and his band live. Oh my. Over shadowed only by the might My Bloody Valentine this year… The show? It’s a show stopper! After seeing that and dare I, dare I say it: this man could be as good as Jeff Buckley. Unfortunately I’ll never have the chance to see the late great Buckley live, but his works are masterful and his voice was all so amazing. Justin’s works are also on an extremely high level and I have never heard a better vocalist live. He packed out the medium size Academy 2 in Manchester earlier this year. If he keeps up this quality I can only see him getting bigger and bigger.

    Well that's it for now. Might do a Best of Gigs, Tracks, and EPs/singles as the weeks to 2009 count down.
  • Inside-out Shirts Are Better Than Boring Ones (Radiohead/MBV Weekend)

    30. Jun. 2008, 15:14

    My penultimate weekend in England (for a few month) was golden.

    Saturday - It had been so long since I had been to the Apollo, that I had completely forgot how to get to Ardwick... And thus walked it, when I could've easily have got the bus from Tescos in town. But I was off to the My Bloody Valentine's first Manchester gig in a mad ammount of years.. I wasn't even 5 anyway. .. So all was good regardless of the mooch. The first band up Spectrum I probably could enjoyed all of it if I was sat at home, going "woooooow the sustain and release on that last foreeeeeeeeeeeeever" but that was kinda boring live. But they had some stuff that sounded like (to me) Om with guitars. But I dunno... For the main event we was made to wait... and wait for a while... But as the Guinness adverts like to remind you, I don't know why Guinness is minging (speaking of booze when did the "Carling" Apollo stop serving Carling?) good things come to those who wait… and what’s a few minuets when some people there had been waiting like over 15 years.. Anyway I don’t know what to really say about it other than no words can do it real justice… The back drop was amazing, probably the best use of a back drop I’ve ever seen.. Well thought through.. The vocals were lower down in the mix I thought than on record, but maybe that’s because everything else was 50 times louder… And loudness.. LOUDNESS.. Thank the lord of health and safety who put free earplugs at the merch stand.. They didn’t block that much out but I wouldn’t have survived the Holocaust section without them, 20 minuets of pure noise.. I looked behind me to see the reactions on peoples faces and it was 50% glee, 50% hands on ears endurance. My Bloody Valentine were (warning bad pun) a-bloody-amazing!

    A pizza, a sleep, some Smash Bros, and a mooch later on and I found myself in a taxi with Pauli and two random old(er) people. Then a massive, massive queue for the tickets… We could hear Bat for Lashes singing songs about not being sure and generally not being that good (I didn’t enjoy her album) but whatever we was about to see Radiohead in the secondary car park for The Theatre of Dreams… Don’t really know what much to say about this either, another good gig. I guess I do some people commentary… There were Noel, Liam, and the rest of Oasis the group of people near us who looked like they should’ve been at an Oasis they started off as a group of about 4 people but seemed to grow and grow through out the night.. There were many wankers who decided hey I like this song let’s push forward.. And there were the drunk men… One who went ape-spair when some push forward wanker knocked my glasses off.. He was a safe guy, just really drunk.. Any Radiohead were very, veery gooooood and played lots of tunes but forgot Street Spirit, not that MBV played every song I wished for but still… However Idioteque was sweet and they could’ve ended it there.

    On merch.. Radiohead’s was shite.. Utter, utter, shite.. Was the first thing we looked at and it sucked.. My Bloody Valentine didn’t have much of a selection and most of it was kak.. But there was a shirt with a nice artistic interpretation of the cover from You Made Me Realise.. I got that then found out it was kinda inside-out.. And was like wtf.. I need to see someone wearing the same shirt as me.. If there is the same I’m alright.. Then in BK at like midnight there was a guy who kinda looked like one of the people from Efterklang wearing the same shirt, and it was inside-out kinda.. And I sighed a sigh of relief and then proceeded to eat my burger like a fatty.

    Also Radiohead want us to free Tibet from the most powerful economic state in the world, lol like our governments would risk pissing them off.

    Conclusion/tl:dr - Good weekend, good music, Radiohead, MBV, new t-shirt.

    colour is spelt with a u
  • two thousand and eight

    6. Mai. 2008, 14:17

    Okay this is for me, because I keep forgetting what came/comes out this year.

    A Silver Mt Zion - 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons
    Agalloch - The White
    M83 - Saturdays = Youth
    Boris - Smile

    65daysofstatic - Dance Parties EP
    Nine Inch Nails - The Slip
    Animal Collective - Water Curses EP

    Cult of Luna - Eternal Kingdom (June 16)
    Venetian Snares - Detrimentalist (June 9)
    Broken Social Scene Presents: Brendan Canning - TBA (Summer)
    Mogwai - TBA (Summer)#
    Anathema - Paradigm Shift (Autumn/Winter)*
    Anathema - Temporary Peace (Autumn/Winter)*
    The Fall of Troy - Phantom on the Horizon (TBA)
    The Fall of Troy - TBA "double EP" (TBA)†
    Sigur Rós - TBA (TBA)
    Glassjaw - TBA (TBA)

    *Anathema have retitled pushed back, and changed their new album a million times around. Apparently they've signed to Peaceville for Temporary Peace which will be a semi acoustic album made up of old songs. Paradigm Shift is expected to be very long (two disc maybe) and produced by Steve Wilson.
    †guessing they mean like Hvarf/Heim by Sigur Rós.
    #Sounds like they might have an EP coming out as well

    Top 10 list so far:
    7) Nine Inch Nails - The Slip
    6) Animal Collective - Water Curses EP
    5) Boris - Smile
    4) 65daysofstatic - Dance Parties EP
    3) M83 - Saturdays = Youth
    2) Agalloch - The White
    1) A Silver Mt Zion - 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons

    Slowly, but surely coming along.
  • 2008 - What is Coming Out?

    28. Feb. 2008, 17:13

    Seriously we've got to March and I've made orders on 3 new (released '08) CDs! Those being:

    An EP, The White by Agalloch. A mini-live-album We Lost the Skyline by Porcupine Tree. And final a full length album, 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons by The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band

    Although "too expensive to really be ordering when out of work", I'll probably make a pre-order on Smile by Boris within the week.

    Now, I know to expect release from Sigur Ros, Glassjaw, 65daysofstatic (Dance Parties EP), Anathema, The Fall of Troy, Brendan Canning, Mogwai, etc.. but it really doesn't seem like much compared to previous years..

    Maybe I'm just asking for too much! But if you know any good music coming out this year (that you think I might like) please recommend it me.
  • 2007 - Bang Bang Fizzle

    29. Dez. 2007, 4:59

    The cliché and utter shite year journal that just has to be done… Might, go a bit further than albums this year. Might.

    First off I haven’t heard a few albums I expect to be utter gold… That is My Downfall, Parades, FAS - Ite, Maledicti, in ignem Aeternum and Planet Ice, only really got into Minus the Bear, real recently though.

    I’ll start with a cheap and easy top albums in genres and what not...

    En Post-Rock:
    All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
    Under Giant Trees
    Go Go Smear the Poison Ivy
    The Destruction of Small Ideas
    Given to the Rising

    A smallish list, but it’s not exactly the widest genre.. Neurosis and Jesu are included here for my ease as I feel they fit better here than in Metal.. Jesu released about a million CD/12”/[insert music format] in about a million different forms.. Sundown/Sunrise (which I have with my Japanese edition of Conqueror) is by far Justin’s best out put this year.. Though I haven’t listened to any of those hundred million Final mini-release type things, or whatever they were. Sigur Ros still can’t do any wrong in my opinion, and this double EP collection thing.. Though maybe not really for new fans is grand for the already converted. Explosions in the Sky would probably be my pick of the lot.. Though it must be said Efterklang and 65daysofstatic have the live shows to back their records and I’d love to see both again in 08.. Missed múm cos of a hangover. :s Small list but all of a high standard

    En Metal:
    Ordo Ad Chao
    Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here
    Sworn To A Great Divide
    Two Hunters
    The Dawn Of...
    Ill Innocence
    Rise of the Tyrant
    Serpent Saints
    Xecutioner's Return
    The Novella Reservoir
    Supervillain Outcast

    This list is bigger but the standard is much lower.. Black Metal still seems a little interesting to my interests, and a few good ole Death Metal and MDM bands still releasing albums I enjoy... Maybe I’m changing slowly or maybe Metal just hit it’s peak (again) in the last few years (not including 07) and needs to lay low for one or two before releasing another bunch of stunners… Please prove me wrong! Seen only 3 bands in support of their new albums… Soilwork, and Dark Tranquillity.. At the same gig! Was a good gig, nice trip to Nottingham, fucking worth it. Cheers to Paroledin54 who made it possible, and drove in the dark, with blinding cunts who don’t know how to work headlights.. And Anaal Nathrakh at Damnation Festival another trip well worth it, even if my Boris shirt is permanently stained after partying hard with ArticFox, Kid_A_01 and their Leeds friends… Also saw Amorphis at Wacken and though I remember their new album sounding good but still haven’t got it for some wrong reason. Gallhammer are kinda new girls to us over here in the west anyway.. The girl (BLACK METAL) band kinda puts people off, but if you get past that and just listen to it as a band then you’ll be fine.. Minus two songs on Ill Innocence where it sounds like a cat or a monkey is losing it’s innocence in the back ground. Novembers Doom is a good pick and for a while was my favourite Metal of this year.. But let’s face it Mayhem as overrated as they may be, won it hands down… Made up for the past decade entirely in my opinion with Ordo Ad Chao. Wacken with Crazy_clown and Humblebesmithe was also a golden moment for Metal this year, great fucking week… Good bands, good beer, good times..

    En Rock:
    Spirit If...
    In Rainbows
    Nil Recurring
    We Are Him
    Blackfield - II
    Infinity On High

    Rock isn’t really a genre and non of these bands/artists really sound alike but still.. Kevin Drew, head and shoulder above… Everyone, in every genre this year for me, I now a lot of people aren’t too keen on Spirit If…, and maybe wanted something more Broken Social Scene s/t like.. But after it’s third spin it’s good, 5th it’s great… 30th it’s the best of the year.. Shit I’ve ruined a counting down top ten, oh well, won’t do one.. Missed the gig in Manchester for some good awful reason like lack of money or working that day.. Which is possibly the most regrettable thing of the year.. As far as missing gigs go. Radiohead is Radiohead. Are they the best band in the world.. Probably not, but they’re better than most, and In Rainbows was good enough for me to get the sexy but big discbox. The Angels of Light is the first thing I’ve heard of post-Swans Michael Gira but I fucking love it.. It’s catchier than anything Swans did, not as good, but still worth money. The Fall of Troy is a great release recommended to me by Humblebesmithe who I went to the Manchester gig with.. Good shit yo, missed one or two tunes that would’ve turn the gig into something really great though. The Porcupine Tree.. That’s the EP you say… Yep, it’s better than the album. Other than the gig being too expensive for what it was worth, nothing more really to say on that, a compensating EP as good as anything PT released before Fear.. Blacfield is Mr. Steve Wilson again, this time with some more catchy poppy songs, a little like Lightbulb Sun-era PT but more poppish, and of course with help from Steve‘s friend Aviv Geffen, whom other than being an Israeli, I know nothing about. Fall Out Boy are just fun. Saw them at Carling Fest Leeds, nothing special just fun.

    En Electronic:
    Foley Room
    Shadows of the Sun
    Pain remixes the know

    First three in this list could easily make it into the top 10 of this year for any genre, and though they are in the same group here they sound nothing alike.. Ulver could be classed more Baroque (Classical) but still uses electronics all over the show, and I imagine that some of the orchestrations may have been programmed rather than play… May be wrong though. Eluvium are playing with EitS but other than that I don’t think I’ll ever hear any of these songs done live.. Especially Ulver, Garm has made it quite clear there is little chance of a show let alone a tour.

    En Gigs:
    777 Glassjaw
    All the Festivals
    The Fall of Troy

    Quality over quantity I think this year. Efterklang were mind blowing and Peter Broderick on his own was not that far away from the standard. People I met their were lovely and it was all good. 7777 was a trip, fucing loved it. 65dos got back stage to!! Thanks to some ole school teachers. Fall of Troy I wrote about up above somewhere, I think. And Wacken, Damnation and Leeds were cool as well.

    En Movies:
    This Is England
    Hallam Foe

    Seen more but they stand out most. Watched Atonement about 5 times in total, loved it.. Wish I could’ve seen the other two as much.. But we stop showing Hallam Foe pretty much after I first saw it (though I now have a shirt!) and This Is England was at the Odeon.

    En Moments:
    *FA Cup Final, not the match that was shite, boring and to make things worse the result went the wrong way.. New Wembley isn’t too great either, but the atmosphere before and after the game was out of this world.. Packed into one small segment of the tube, which magically got split in the middle one half untied fans one half Chelsea, the back and fourth banter.. Good times. WE GOT OUR TROPHY BACK!!!*
    *Dispersing City fans with chants of Championies, Championies, Ole, Ole Ole, was grand as well.*
    *Wacken in general was great.. Other than almost choking to death on the plane, lol*
    *777 Glassjaw another trip which was class trip down London, though the fucking Tour De France should stay in France!!*
    *Going Leeds for Damnation/visiting ArticFox and Kid_A_01 *
    *Teachers from my old high school getting me back stage for 65dos*
    *Meeting all those cool people at Enterklang (that I‘ll never talk to again L )*
    *Leeds Festival*
    *First week of April with all the drinking and seeing people I hadn’t seen in time, and more drinking, and drinking, and throwing up, then drinking*
    *Drinking anyway*
    *Getting our trophy back*
    *The Summer even if it was damp*
    *FIFA 2005*
    *and many more*

    I’d like to say RiP Edith Dunkley (aka Nana Dunk). Thank you for the happiness and good times you brought. And I’ll never forget that That Old Black Magic

    Thank you for reading!!
    Feel free to comment.