Crystal Method @ The Rave


9. Jun. 2009, 13:35

Sat 6 Jun – The Crystal Method, L.A. Riots

I've never been to an electronic show indoors before, so this was a new experience.

L.A. Riots opened up with a good hour and a half DJ set, which was a fun mix of the likes of Daft Punk, Hot Chip, and some Juno Reactor as well as what I'm assuming is some of Riots' own beats.

He had a pretty standard setup, with minimal lights and got some of the crowd moving, especially one particular man who flung glow-sticks around on rope. I found this entertaining along with most of the rest of the crowd until a security guard came by and confiscated the glow-sticks. The guard was booed out of the floor. Apparently The Rave doesn't allow such "fun."

Riots left and we waited the shortest amount of time I've ever waited for a main event until The Crystal Method showed up. They opened without themselves present, playing a cell-shaded black and white video along with one of their new songs off of Divided By Night. It was a great song, although different from previous TCM music.

Then they finally showed up behind their hemisphere of equipment, surrounded by a magnificent light show and visualization screens. The rest of the show included mixes of all four albums, mostly from Vegas, without any guest vocalists.

I was hoping for some guests, but TCM kept it to mostly non-vocal music of theirs, shaking my hair and face with the amount of bass pumped out of the speakers.

I had an excellent time and couldn't help but jump around to the music. They never played Name of the Game, however, and that was disappointing.

As one person stated, "That was the best 3-hour seizure I've ever had."


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