2007: short review


4. Jan. 2008, 13:15

Best Record: White Chalk
This was so unexpected. This is just the most beautiful kind of sadness I’ve ever sensed. PJ is so different here, like she’s never been before. And that shocks and I have to confess: it scares. It took me a little while to get used to the new sound but the moment I did: I embraced a totally different kind of beauty. The one I wasn’t able to admit before. ‘White Chalk’ is a piece of art. Moreover, it’s a masterpiece. No exaggerating.

Best Song: Uniform
The best song in their catalogue so far. That’s the best way to describe our generation. ‘Uniform’ sounds more like a bunch of emotions converted into the song. It’s the hysteria inside of you. To cut the long story short: this is something I always wanted to say but wasn’t able to grab the right words.

Female Artist of the Year: Amy Winehouse
If you look beyond all of those troubles that happened to Miss Wino lately and that wicked appearance of hers you’ll see pure talent. And it’s not only the voice that makes you cringe inside but also her songwriting ability and live performances (those she didn’t cancel), that make her so special. Like Amy or not, ‘Back to Black’ is truly one of the best records this year.

Male Artist of the Year: Patrick Wolf
This year it was all about Patrick. In the month of April he told us he’s going to quit (good joke, hon, but next try something less heartbreaking, I beg you), later insisted that ‘Mika is a twat’ and finally opened up about his bi-sexuality. Anything else? Well, actually he also released a record called ‘Magic Position’. And I don’t know what’s up to you but it just blown me away. Patrick is a creator because ‘Magic Position’ is a world, not a record. And yes, yes. yes! I want to live in it. Screw the gossip, dig into music. It’s magic.

Band of the Year: Radiohead
See we passed almost the half of it without mentioning the bastards. And no, they got the title not because of their ‘revolution’ in music distribution, even though it of course adds a tiny bonus. Let’s be fair: ‘In Rainbows’ is nearly perfect. Even by the Radiohead (very high) standards .And I don’t know how they managed to create it and I don’t even try to know how they manage to be ahead of their time and do something so simple yet so brilliant.

Best New Band: Operator Please
That’s what highschool kids should be doing at their free time. And that’s exactly what Yeah Yeah Yeahs lacks these days. The energy of youth, the rebellious spirit, the ‘we-don’t-care-about-your-shit’ attitude. Their debut ‘Yes! Yes! Vindictive’ will quickly become your guilty pleasure if it haven’t already.

Comeback record of the year: Heroes & Thieves
Formally this is not a comeback but considering the fact that her previous record (which, by the way, I consider her best) flopped, ‘comeback’ sounds like a right word. Vanessa learned her lesson and united the energy and light melodies of her debut record with moody, deep, diary-like lyrics of her second. Too predictable, you say? Well, maybe. But ‘Heroes and Thieves’ is not only a good catalogue of songs, it sounds as one big piece of work (which believe me is very important and pretty rare thing today) but moreover it sounds so honest, so sincere that you just have no other options than to love it.

Event of the Year: digital release of In Rainbows
Yeah that’s a cheesy thing I picked but for me it was really huge. And I am not going to say all this stuff about how ‘revolutionary’ it was and blah blah blah. This is really important and that’s’ about it.

Worst record of the year: Minutes to Midnight
Ok, that’s something I guessed I’d never say but well here I am. ‘Minutes to Midnight’ is all Chester Bennington, it’s no Linkin Park, really. It’s all whining and complaining and stuff like that and that’s boring. Basically this record contains only one barely listenable song this to be ‘Bleed It Out’ and only because it’s so stupid that you can’t get it out of your head.

The most annoying song: Umbrella
It’s not like the song is bad, it’s just that it’s everywhere. Everyone covers it, gosh in the end of the year even Rihanna herself covered the song. Everyone talks about it. Maybe it’s just me with my big ears but sometimes I feel like it’s even in the air. And that ‘Umbrella-ella-ella’ makes me go: ‘arrrrrgh!’. I just can’t stand it.

The most annoying person of the year: Britney Spears
Like d’oh! So let’s skip this one.

The most overrated artist: Klaxons
Just because I don’t get all the fuss around them. The music is not that bad though I have to say.

The artist I fall in love with this year (via last.fm): Tori Amos
Thank you, Pete, for recommending.


  • azzumi

    So basically I'd say that I agree with most of the artists mentioned here, exept PJ (cuz I just can't say a thing about her music yet, unfortunately) and Operator Please (judging by one song? no way). Radiohead... actually I don't really get the thing about this CD being like really brilliant. I think it is beautifull... but, why it just doesn't touch me? Yet? Again? I haven't listened to the second CD porperly, but the first one... I can't say that I'm in shock. hmm. The coolest guys in your list are Patrick & BP. love 'em, desperately) Happy New Year!

    4. Jan. 2008, 13:36
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