Marya Roxx to open for Primal Fear!


7. Aug. 2010, 14:10

Great news! Marya has just announced that she will open for Primal Fear during Oct 2010.

For more information see Marya's Official Website, Forum, Myspace and Facebook


  • Debzwebz

    Can't wait! awesome news!!!! See you all there :-D

    7. Aug. 2010, 14:13
  • Anjiuk

    Yay!!! Looking forward to seeing Marya on stage again :-D

    7. Aug. 2010, 22:22
  • kostasfanMarya

    Cant wait to see you again Marya! Hell yeah!!!

    18. Aug. 2010, 10:08
  • maryaroxxstteam

    Looking forward! \m/

    18. Aug. 2010, 20:49
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