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Butch WalkerI've Been Waiting for This 18. Okt. 2014
Gold FieldsAnxiety 18. Okt. 2014
Gold FieldsYou're Still Gone 18. Okt. 2014
Gold FieldsMoves 18. Okt. 2014
Gold FieldsThe Woods 18. Okt. 2014
Gold FieldsClosest I Could Get 18. Okt. 2014
Gold FieldsIce 18. Okt. 2014
Gold FieldsThunder 18. Okt. 2014
Gold FieldsHappy Boy 18. Okt. 2014
Gold FieldsTreehouse 18. Okt. 2014
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Über mich

A quick list of likes and dislikes...

Pickled Ginger
Sparkly Things
Live Music
Loud Guitars
Butch Walker

Tests of the Emergency Broadcasting System
Stupid Drivers
Black Olives
Paper Cuts
Flowery Clothes

I lived in Russia for 6 weeks when I was 16.

While I love going to concerts and hanging out with musicians, I am not a groupie. I am a fan of the music and the people that make it, but that does not mean I want to sleep with them.

The fastest way to piss me off is to accuse me of dying my hair.

I like medieval things, anything Russian, anything British, music, knitting, sparkly scarves...yes, I realize I am a dork. .

I love making mix CD's/playlists. A few of my favorites are here:

Read some of my musings on Tumblr:

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