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  • Radian_

    "Your musical compatibility is VERY HIGH " Impossible. And yet...

    Juli 2011
  • suitecruderevue

    Thanks for having heard Suite Crude Revue / Low Res

    August 2009
  • cnwhitedragon

    whats happened our music compatibility has shot up weren't we low and now we are high

    März 2009
  • cylinderhead

    British Sea Power - never really got into them. Like Junior Boys, it comes up alot as something I might like but misses that something. Bat for Lashes - I was recommended that by a friend who's a big fan but found it hard to get into as well (although that's usually more rewarding than the easily liked but ephemeral stuff). Anyway, how's it going? Any plans to venture up north?

    Juni 2008
  • cylinderhead

    I was about to ask: shit, is that your profile picture for Cahiers du Cinema? :) Still off the gitanes?

    Mai 2008
  • cylinderhead

    I need to check out Film School from the look of your chart. Also - Sigur Ros and Bloc Party: they always seem to crop up an improbable amount every time I play a station in hmmm...

    September 2007